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CricketandMe 08-12-2010 06:01 PM

Too old???
My horse is about 28 years old and is in overall good health and shape. I just want to practice with him so id only do it 2 or 3 times a week. Plus he has done barrel racing for quite a few years.Is he to old???

smrobs 08-12-2010 06:51 PM

As long as he can comfortably run the pattern, then no, he isn't too old. I personally wouldn't really ask him to go full out but he should be fine for practice and probably even an event or 2 if you were interested.

A knack for horses 08-12-2010 07:34 PM

If your horse enjoys it, and he is relatively good shape, I see no problem with it.

There was a thread similar to this one started a day or 2 ago. I will give you the same advice I gave to the OP of that thread:

A training tip for you:
Slow work can be just as (if not more) effective as fast paced work. Running perfect patterns at the walk/trot will translate to better runs when you put the speed into the mix. It is also better on the horse.

Read more:

If you want to read through that thread, this is the link to it ^.

EDIT*: I will warn you that some of the posts are somewhat blunt.

CricketandMe 08-14-2010 03:18 PM

thnx and he is in good shape cause just today i took him for a trail ride and he did great and he just wanted to go go go

barrelracer7335 08-18-2010 07:45 PM

No horse is ever to old if their in good shape. One of my top barrel horses just turned 26 yesterday and she is still running strong.

barebackcowgirl99 08-24-2010 09:07 PM

go for it . i have a 29 year old pony that i just retired out in the paddock and she still has heaps of go in her.

barrelracer14 11-13-2010 03:16 PM

If your horse is in good shape, healthy, and loves it then go for it!!!

baileydawn 11-26-2010 12:21 PM

A girl I know retired an arabian barrel horse at 31 so I dont think its a problem at all ;)

smokeyblue910 12-02-2010 06:17 PM

My pony is 21. He hates barrel racing one time I was in a rodeo and he only did two barrels.

Bre 12-07-2010 12:03 PM

If he is still in good condition let him run his heart out :) I know that one of my borders has a 30 year old that is in great shape for her age and is still playing around with barrels and she loves it!

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