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Easypacer 02-20-2008 09:48 AM

breaking and training an older horse
Just wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with breaking an older horse. I recently got a 9 year old Morgan that has NO training whatsoever. I have done loads of groundwork with him and he is coming along nicely. I have been on his back a few times and he's fine one second and then wants to bolt the next. I have started and trained many horses, but starting them at an older age, I have not done yet.
This is a rescue horse that was starved almost to death and was one day away from going to the meat packers. He was saved by some people and they put weight on him and now I have him. He is the sweetest horse and gets loads of attention now and I made a promise to him that he'll never go hungry again. He's mine forever now and I will take good care of him, but I do want to be able to ride him some day, but I know that it will take a little longer than starting a 3 yr old.
So this is just a fun question to see how things went with starting a older horse and how things went.
Thanks for any replies

mlkarel2010 02-20-2008 05:52 PM

Well because he's a rescue horse he'll prolly be a little less trusting for a while and you'll prolly always need to be on the guard.... we actually have an older rescue that we really need to start :roll: hmm, yay summer project!! we usually do the exact same that we would if he was a 3 y/o, but we treat each horse different because no two horses are the same :wink: If he hasn't been through any bad experiences it should be pretty similar, but if he has you'll have to spend more time working through it..... we're going to start breaking 3 older horses (a 13 y/o, a ? y/o rescue, and a ? y/o well technically it's a mule :D) i'll try to keep you posted on how that works out and what i learn from it......hope that will help

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