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HeroMyOttb 08-14-2010 09:18 PM

Lessons once again :)
So I'm going to post this just because I am really excited. So my gelding Hero has been off the track for about 9 months now. Got him a week after his last race and he was so calm. We had two lessons with my trainer when I first got him and then he started to have major hoof problems so I decided to allow him to have the winter off. Therefore I quit taking lessons also to help with money because Hero is my first horse and it was a big change of money from a lesson once a week to owning my own horse. So after Hero got better we have been riding . As the summer began I really worked with Hero but now I feel like its time to start progressing faster then we are. So im so excited to have my first lesson back in 8 months :) I just feel that I really can't retrain Hero much farther without my trainer plus I am at a dead end with his canter :oops:! So YAY first lesson is this tuesday!!:lol: Sorry I just had to get tht out about how excited I am!! So any advice? Today I did a lot of no stirrup work since my trainer having me do that :)

Benny 08-15-2010 07:37 AM

No advice. But congrats on getting a lesson!! And that's okay getting it out. I'm like you, I have to tell someone when something exciting happens, I just can't keep it in. xD
Good luck, have fun!! And let us know how it goessss.

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