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ilovemyPhillip 08-17-2010 11:44 AM

Help- convincing my mom?
Hey everyone!

Well, on my little 10.5 acre farm we have 4 horses.. Zeph, Tornado, Savannah, and Phillip. I think we have taken on too manyproject horses at one time. I want to finish one off and lease him out to a decent young rider, so I can move on, earn some money, and do the horsey things I want, rather than training over and over and over again.

Zeph is my mom's gorgeous QH. He's blind in his right eye and his vision is sketch in his left. He's about 9 & trained a little English, really good on trails, and does mild jumping. He's really built bulky, kind of cowy, so I try to keep him western. He IS my mom's horse so I have no say in selling/leasing him.

Tornado is my "stepdad's horses". He mainly sits in the paddock & eats. My stepfather would throw a fit if we even mentioned "getting rid of him". Tornado is 23 or 24, a cribber, and about 200 pounds underweight. We've had him for a year and he's a really hard keeper. He's an ex-reiner, but now is a 'retired' trail horse. He rarely gets taken out for a ride.

Then, there's Savannah. She's icelandic/Caspian, 12.2hh, and just loves to gallop & buck. She's 12 years old, and I can take little kids on her. If she's on a lead when I have young riders on her, she's great. Otherwise she needs a rider who knows how to handle a dangerous situation. If you proceed to a canter, and try to keep that gait.. It turns into a gallop no matter what. She's trained in almost everything, but I want to keep her as my gaming pony.

And Phillip, who is my hunter. He's a spooker, but loves to get ridden. He's a "high strung Arab", but he's gorgeous, has great movement, and takes things in stride. He would look great in the hunter ring. He knows how to jump, and can jump about 2'3.. He's 13.2hh. But needs a high exprienced rider for his spooks. He's only thrown me once, but I've fallen off of him twice. Only bucks when he's spooked. Other wise he's pretty good. He knows tricks, some dressage, you can vault on him, little kids just love him, etc.

I want to show Phillip next year, and lease him out for about $600 for 6 months, at a barn that has low fees ($200 board, $20 farrier, $200 vet, $40 lessons).

I need help with my mom, though. She's afraid he'll hurt someone if he spooks bad. She doesn't want a beginer to take on him.. But I wouldn't let a beginer lease him.

I want to lease him out, so I can buy a TB mare for my own purposes. And eventually I would sell Phillip, or permanently (spelling? sorry, mno spell check on this laptop) lease him. I want to get Savannah leased out in the next few years, too.

It's just moving on to what they need, and what I need, right?

PintoTess 09-09-2010 07:47 PM

yeah well if you dont do anything with phillip (it sounds like you do though) then maybe you could send him to a trainer for a few months? my friend had a OTT thouroughbred and she dent him to a trainer and now he is so well behaved. So if you send him away, then he will hopefully come back a well trained horse then you would have an easier time selling him.
thats all i can offer :P

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