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BarrelracingArabian 08-17-2010 09:34 PM

alright so my new lease horse is and arabian gelding named outlaw. He is a very sweet boy but has one major issue that i would like to try and break him from.. When ever you go to tighten the cinch and he is tied up he will rear and jerk back(i have gotten him not to do this once but only out of luck). I have been told to carry a crop when im saddling and when he goes to go back give him a nice crack on the butt .. but i wanted to see if there was another way to break him of it. No its not the saddle hurting him as he does it with everyone and everyone has a different saddle,he has just learned that if he does it enough people usually backed off (the lady who bought him from the barn then basically abandoned him for a year and a half , we worked him eveyr now and then so he didnt get to sour) . We have gotten him retrained to be a very nice horse besides this one problem. so what would you guys suggest.
p.s. the barn owner and one of my trainers both suggested the smack on the butt so dont attack me about permission. they would rather me work with him on it then let him get away with it .

mbender 08-17-2010 09:45 PM

I dont think that smacking him on the butt is the solution. I think it sounds like he mayb cinchy. I also think that smacking him on the butt will only make it worse. I think he may associate being saddled with pain. Heres what I would try... Start fresh and put a lead rope around his belly as if it was a cinch from a saddle. See what happens. If he rears, try and keep it on and as soon as he stops rearing, take it away. Do this several times until he stops rearing as soon as the rope is on. Then put the rope back on and start to slowly tighten it. Try to take it away before he wants to rear. When you put the saddle on, take it off again before he rears. Keep doing that until he accepts the saddle with no rearing. Again then cinch the saddle loosely, and gradually start to tighten it. You may not be able to ride him for awhile until he learns that being cinched isnt going to hurt him and if he rears the object wont go away. I dont know. I would try that. Good luck!

MacabreMikolaj 08-17-2010 10:10 PM

I agree. Arabs are highly sensitive and it sounds to me like he's a typically cinchy horse and instead of bringing him along, at some point someone has rough handled him and basically taught him to hate the saddling process even if he's fine once the saddle is on.

My Arab mare is cinchy as heck. She's a horrible bloater, and pins her ears angrily if you tighten to quickly. All it would take was someone kneeing her in the gut (old remedy for bloaters) and roughing her about to turn her into a savage who started going after people who saddled her. In the wrong hands, she could be a recipe for disaster.

I had issues with my Paint filly getting cinchy this year - she'd dance when I put the saddle on, and immediately start hauling back and dancing when I tried to tighten. I thought I was going slow, but it turns out I wasn't going slow enough. I started rubbing her on the cinch area, going slow, tightening by degrees and gradually she came around nicely.

I'd set some time aside to work with him before smacking him for it, because it sounds like that's all anyone has ever done to him. If he was THAT determined to not be ridden, you'd be getting a lot of anatics IN the saddle as well as on the ground. If he's just having a fit when you tighten the cinch, it tells me someone hasn't treated him nicely in the past and nobody has bothered to do anything but scold him for it now.

Try coaxing him along with a gentle hand as opposed to a strong one and see how he comes.

BarrelracingArabian 08-18-2010 12:32 AM

i duno if this would help but he is an ex-race horse and endurance champ... we sold him to this one lady(us girls all told the owner it was a bad idea since she had already ruined one of our better endurance horses) and when we finally got him back he was horrid couldnt get a bridle on him,he'd take off every cahnce he got, reared every time you went to grab the cinch.. so he has come a way.
But i also noticed that he only rears when he is tied if i untie him and then do up his cinch he jsut moves around abit and then stands but will stand tied all day as long as you dont touch the cinch.. so i'm greatly confused about it ..

corinowalk 08-18-2010 01:38 AM

While I believe you that it isnt pain....would you be willng to check anyways?

Just run your hand in the heart of his girth. Watch his ears. Feel around there pretty good. A horse that is cinchy has a tendancy to develop muscle spasms in the girth area. The pressure from a tightening girth could be enough to make him feel like he is being cut in half. Feel up and down in the area that your girth normally sits. You are looking for pea sized knots that can range from feeling like pebbles to overcooked peas. Occasionally if a horse has been cinchy for a long period of time, they can develop into strings. It would feel just like a string under the skin...a tightly wound string. If you dont find anything there...there is just one more place to look! On either side of the ridge of his wither, explore around. You are looking for pea sized knots. There can be quite a few in this area. If you would find anything, call out an equine massage therapist. Theyre relativly expensive ($50/30minutes) and very effective.

Everyone else has given you great advice on dealing with a horse with cinchy issues. We have one at the barn who does EXACTLY what your horse does. He doesn't have any pain issues...just tying issues. The rider usually just loops the leadline over her arm and tightens. No tying, no rearing. Some horses feel a bit clausterphobic while tied. The easiest thing to do would be to not tie him and see how he does.

Good luck!

BarrelracingArabian 08-18-2010 01:42 AM

corinowalk-i could double check him tomorrow when i go out there as we are going for another trailride but i dont think its pain as i can be sitting on him and tighten his cinch and hes fine he only acts up when he is tied.. i may start just throwing the rope over the hitching post instead of completely tieing

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