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Tosca 08-19-2010 04:41 AM

Hello from the Four Corners!
Ok, so I've been browsing and reading these forums all day and have finally decided to sign up so I can at least take part.

I unfortunately had to sell my last horse to a friend a few years back due to college, and my missing him so much is the reason I ended up here. Can anyone die from a lack of horses in their life? Seriously, I'd pass up a free vacation anywhere in the world to go horseback riding on my baby again.

Anyhow, I have been in college for the past two years getting my prerequisite courses out of the way, and waiting to get accepted into the nursing program. Thankfully I was accepted this summer, and I start my 4 semester course this Monday (8/23/2010). Maybe I'll have to pay for a touristy trail ride at a local outfitter just to get my fix, since I'll pretty much be tied down until next December.

Although I have had a few years of lessons as a child, I'm not sure what I'd call me. Perhaps somewhere between confident beginner and intermediate? lol I basically know what I'm doing on a horse, but nothing fancy. Basically I just do/did western pleasure and trail riding.

I went from almost being fearful of horses, to owning and riding daily a skiddish gelding who spooked at almost anything. He was unfortunately abused and neglected in the first few years of his life, and was chased regularly by teenagers on ATV's who shot him with paintball guns. Despite his issues, he was willing (although nervous sometimes) to do anything I asked him to do, as long as it didn't involve an ATV or motorcycle. He gave me confidence and also gave me back my love for horses.

So here I am just trying to keep my need for horses satisfied while I get through college, and count down the days until I can get my horse back and perhaps another. Only 483 days left! :-|

~ Tosca

AfterParty 08-19-2010 12:00 PM

Welcome !
You will love this forum everyone is so nice and always so helpful.
That's too bad about your horse but happy to hear you can get him back.
Hope to see you around here :)

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