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CheyGurl17 08-19-2010 02:51 PM

Lame Horse
Ok, so my horse has been lame for a month and a quarter now. At first, we didnt think much of it. He has once before, has similar symptoms. He had just sprained his fetlock/ankle in the pasture. I kept him on semi-stall rest. He was a 5-6 out of 10 for lameness, with little heat and swelling. It was swollen in the pastern area. He was doing better. I was going to ride him soon.

then yesterday I go out to ride my little girl, but when I looked at him and called them over for some carrots, Cheyenne like normal came cantering. By this point Doc was on full pasture again, and came cantering for carrots, apples, grain or when I took him out. But he walked quite sorely. I didnt have much time to ride, so I took cheyenne out and rode her. When I came back with her, Doc was in the corral area, so I looked at him.

His pastern was a nice big bubble. From his fetlock/ankle and down was pretty much the same size. He is now a 7-8 out of 10 for lameness, a bit of heat, and pretty swollen. I hosed him down for 15 mins yesterday. For night I put on a poultice, which took down some swelling overnight. Today, this morning I did too, then this afternoon, I made a bucket of cold water (12 litres) mixed with a handful (1/2 a cup) of bluestone, or copper sulfate. I kept his leg in there for 15 minutes, then hosed it off. He did quite well just standing there. After that, I put on some vet linament, since that helped when he was lame for the first time. The vet is most likely coming out this way tomorrow and will try to take a look at him.

For now, is there anything else I can try to do? He is such a tough horse, can do anything with him and he will still be fine, and now all of a sudden he is doing badly... I'm just really worried about him. Also, 2 weeks ago I was at horse camp for a week, so he didnt get much attention then, and was even ridden against my will. He even was forced to canter. He was doing way better then, but I was only taking him out for walks (ponied from another horse) and swimming in the pitts (his favourite).


shesinthebarn 08-19-2010 03:47 PM

Sounds like you are doing everything you can - the best thing is that the vet is going to see him tomorrow. Are you sure it's not an abscess in the foot? Many times a hoof abscess swells into the pastern/fetlock area. Maybe have your vet and farrier check the foot out thoroughly.

CheyGurl17 08-19-2010 06:59 PM

the worst thing is that I found out that the vet cant come until next Friday... :-(
I live on a farm, so we have herd health, and he is only coming out next week... Also bad cause he was gonna look at our dog since we are bringing her in for surgery on Monday... Too many bad things at once. thanks for the reply!

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