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lilruffian 08-19-2010 06:48 PM

Getting to Know OneAnother
Hello everyone :D I thought i'd start a thread that will help everyone introduce themselves (including those who've been on here forever!)
You dont have to submit to this thread, but it may be a good way to meet friends/people who live near you!
Tell us a little bit about yourself; where you're from, what you do, your hobbies & of course, your horses! Even post pics if you like. (You don't have to display your age if you dont want :wink:)

I'll get started :-)
My name is Lyndsey, i'm from Alberta, Canada (currently working out of my home doing custom equine paintings). I have 2 dogs Meggie & Zero, 3 cats Allie, Simon & Tigger, a bird i called Lemon & 2 & 1/2 horses:wink:.
Chico is my 16-year-old been-there-done-that black Arabian mare. When i first bought her 2 years ago, we didn't really click but now i couldnt imagine a better horse!
Molly is my new girl :D. I had to sell my older pony to buy her this spring, but i think we'll get along great. She's a 6-year-old Quarab & is beautiful!
I'm also half owners to the cutest little QH XPaint filly i named Mouse. She was born at my place on June 24, 2009, out of said older Pony. Due to hay issues last winter though, i decided to give her to my best friend/neighbor & we will be working together next summer to start her to riding:-o Can't wait!

All4Crystal 08-19-2010 07:48 PM

Hey Lindsey, I have already written about me in my other thread. But I guess I can write a little more. I love animals and have lots of them...too many to list.
I live in Kansas, am married and have 14 y/o son.
I started making woodburnings last year and I enjoy it a lot. I'm not very good with paint. I enjoy drawing with a pencil, but I think the wood has more life to it.
My dogs are JRTs...we have 5 of them and one black lab mix. Only Gracy and Maggie are actually mine though (as they love me the most...and are my favorite), the rest belongs to us as a family.

I'm off to the "art" section to see if you have any of your paintings up there. :)

corinowalk 08-19-2010 07:52 PM

Hi, Im Cori. I am currently horseless but am working on helping a friends draft lose weight. I am 30 years old and have two lovely children, David 3 and Aaralyn 1. I have been riding since I was 12 and started competing when I was 14. I have worked and showing just about every breed of horses (with the exception being Drafts) I showed Western Pleasure, Barrels, English eq (not my strong suit! LOL) all sorts of Gaming and one of my favorite, Gaited horses. I showed ASB's for 2 years and TWH for 2 years. I showed ASB's on my local circuit and had one Walker that I took to the celebration about 10 years ago.

Now, I am a retired show-person. I love-love-love to trail ride and to just poke around in the ring.

I come on the forum frequently and try to keep a good sense of humor about myself.

lilruffian 08-19-2010 08:01 PM

Ive always wanted to try showing. It doesn't seem as (i wouldn't say as hard as other sports, but maybe not as fast & competative...) There seems to be alot of elegance (for lack of a better word lol), time & detail put into it. I've had a couple people suggest me showing my one mare, but the one person i knew who showed went & moved off on me! argh! lol

lilruffian 08-20-2010 02:10 PM

I know there are more than 3 people out there! lol

Zora 08-20-2010 04:14 PM

Hi, I'm Zora from Maine.
I've been riding since I was about 7, right now I have a wonderful 23 year old quarter horse and two mini horses.
My mom and I breed chihuahuas on a small scale and show sometimes.
Our website is
I love drawing and sculpting. I do chihuahua sculpting commissions, and drawing commissions. I also enjoy customizing model horses.

Here are some pictures> click to enlarge
My first riding animal, a mule named Beulah.
My amazing older pony Amanda who I eventually outgrew.
Some of my Chihuahua sculptures.
Model horse customs
My chihuahua Beanie.
Two recent chihuahua litters.
Gussie, Ethel and Iola
Adam, Callum, Arthur and Chester.

All4Crystal 08-20-2010 04:59 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Hi Zora.
Those sculptures are great! Do you mind telling me how are they made? You sure are talented!
Awwww the Chihuahuas are so adorable. I love small dogs. :)
My dog had puppies recently also. Only three. One went to my sister and my husband let me keep the other two, so I have two little JRTs running around here. :D
No, we don't breed them. Gracy's pregnancy was accidental. She is an inside dog and I kept putting a diaper on her when she went outside. My husband's dog managed to take it off... So we have 5 JRTs now. :)

lilruffian 08-20-2010 05:04 PM

I love your culptures Zora! Sweet little puppies too! We have poodles lol because my mom refused to get an inside dog that sheds & so ive had them almost all my life. We originally started with one female, Tia, whom my mom bought to breed but only ended up having one litter, which is where my dog Meggie came from. She lives with me now, along with her son Zero, who came from Meggie's 2nd litter (he's 3/4 toy poodle, 1/4 pom). Tia is ancient now, & lives with my mom lol.

cakemom 08-20-2010 05:16 PM

I'm Heather. Mom to three kids, one of them the horse crazy Sarah. We have a Jack Russell and a German shepherd as well as a breeding stock paint, "Flicka" who we rescued earlier this year. My riding was stopped for 12 years but now I'm helping Sarah with Flicka as well as riding a perchiex at the barn where we hang out (Sarah lessons there and we are close friends with the owner). We'd like to get another horse, but have just recently realized our little rescue may well be carrying a little secret in her belly, so we are holding off on that.
I'm a stay at home mom, for a little extra money I substitute teach and decorate cakes.
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A knack for horses 08-20-2010 05:16 PM

Hello to the people of the HF!!!

I am A knack for horses. I got the horse bug at the age of 7 and has just gotten stronger over the years. I started taking lessons when I turned 13. I took them for four years; within those years I got an excellent foundation in horse care and riding. This past year, I stopped taking lessons and started riding under a "instructor". (He doesn't give me lessons, but he does guide me in the right direction on a variety of equine subjects.) I have been blessed to be surrounded by the horsemen and women that I have had the pleasure of learning from/riding with.

I am currently (as other members of HF have judged) an Advanced beginner with a solid foundation on horse care and matenince and learning more every day!

As for horses, I don't own one. :-( But I am saving my money so as soon as I get out of college and get a job I can buy my first horse.

That about wraps it up for me.

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