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Haulinbass02 08-19-2010 10:10 PM

Throwing or dropping bit
My gelding has started to try and throw or drop the bit out of his mouth. I'm using a medium length shank, curb bit that I got when I bought the saddle and all of the tack. My horse was trained and well broke to ride when I got him but I have no idea what kind of mouthpiece the previous owner(s) used as the situation I got him from is a little unique.
He has never really liked the curb bit and always seemed to "fight" against it, no matter how "soft" I am with it. He neck reins very well, he just seems to be fighting the bit.
I am thinking of changing to a true snaffle and seeing how he works with it. I don't really think he needs the curb bit, his action seems to be that he is fighting only the bit, not what I am trying to get him to do.
Any suggestions?

corinowalk 08-19-2010 10:12 PM

Try the snaffle. What is it going to hurt? Some horse just dont agree with a curb. Also, if you haven't already, get his teeth checked. My old horse started spitting and tossing his bit out at the end of rides because it was catching on a sharp tooth. It might help overall!

LoveMyDrummerBoy 08-19-2010 10:14 PM

The first thing that came to my mind was to have his teeth checked. It may be that he has sharp teeth and not be the bit at all, especially because of the fact that since you got this he has been doing this and you don't know what kind of situation he came from.

If his teeth are fine though, then I'm about sure its the bit. I always use snaffles and never have problems.

Haulinbass02 08-19-2010 10:14 PM

That is something that he is in need of anyway! He didn't start this until recently and I have been meaning to get his teeth floated anyway. I'll try that first, but I think I am still going to try the snaffle as he never really seemed to agree with the curb.

LoveMyDrummerBoy 08-19-2010 10:15 PM

CorinoWalk and I posted at the same time. I agree with her.

Sorry for the double post!

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