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Amarea 08-20-2010 09:59 PM

Me + Horse Auction = BAD LOL!
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Ok, bit of a mini novel here!

As many of you know, I almost ended up with a horse that was far beyond my experience level when I first started looking. It ends up that Stiffler, sadly, is also in need of a more confident rider than what I am. He's timid, I'm timid and we've gotten to the point where we are just totally scaring the crap out of each other.

Indyhorse and I have been looking on CL, etc for an older horse more suited for my skill level. We live near the Shipshewana Horse Auction so we decided to go and see what was offered up today. Let's just say my paycheck is GONE! LOL

We scoped out the barn and found 4 potential horses. Sadly one of them was sold for slaughter without even coming onto the block. She did have an injury to the right rear leg but we weren't able to assess the extent of it. Honestly, it was probably for the best.

The 2nd one was a beautiful dark bay I think. She appeared to be a Haflinger mix with a nice build and sweet temperment. Not sure on age.

The 3rd one was an instant favorite. She looks a LOT like Claymore and has a sweet temperment to boot! She's 15 hands even and estimated at 18-20ish. Very calm, very good horse!

The last one was a Haflinger cross which is about 12 hands and 11 years old. Had little kids ALL over her!

This is my first auction so I literally was SOOO nervous LOL! Indy made me face up to it and do the bidding myself. The first one that came across was #2. She ended up selling for almost $700! I was thinking oh no, I'm not going to be able to get one!

Then came #3. I wanted to puke LOL. I had NO idea what I was doing! Indy told me that I should go up to $500 on her as she appeared to be well worth it. They started her at $800 and dropped it to $150 before anyone bid on her. Indy nudged me so I raised my number. LOL I could NOT understand exactly what was being said, all I know is I ended up getting her for $470!

We ended up waiting around because we were curious as to what #4 would go for. I am AMAZED at the number of BEAUTIFUL horses I seen sell for $2-300! A drop dead black paint TWH sold for $225! There was also a black TWH that sold for $320! I mean seriously! I have NEVER seen anything like this before!

Anyways, #4 made her way out and Indy told me she'd probably go for a pretty penny as she came in being ridden by a little boy who was holding his sister. Indy and I tossed it around and agreed that we'd see if we could snag her for under $400 as it would be great to have another little pony around for the kids plus I can ride her too!

Same thing happened as with #3. #4 made it down to about $200 before someone bid. So, again, I almost threw up as I raised my number LOL. Again I got confused LOL but thankfully the auctioneer's assistant noticed I was confused as all hell so he would tell me when I had the high bid. We snagged her for $400!

We walked out of the arena and my knees were shaking like mad lol but I had my girls! When I went up to pay, the cashier told me this older gentleman sitting at the bench was #3's owner and wanted to talk with me. The poor guy looked as if he were going to cry. #3's name is Amy (soon to be renamed) and she had been in their family for 12 years. She is 18-20 years old and has been used for trails, grandkids, etc. He just wanted to make sure I took care of her :)

Same thing happened with #4's owner. #4's name was Sasha aka Sassy (now dubbed Willow) and similar story as Amy. Both wanted to make sure their babies went to a good home!

We got the girls back to Indy's house and Indy hopped on to test them out. Willow is just as her name had implied! Sassy as could be LOL but a decent ride. She doesn't back up but that's something that can be worked on. Her feet need some serious TLC and we are questioning if she's pregnant (Indy will be posting pics, etc in the Breeding Forum). Even if she is pregnant, she needs to go on a diet as she's a chubby little thing!

Indy hopped on Amy next. Again, her feet are in terrible shape but this girl is MY DREAM HORSE! She neck reins like a charm and is as calm as can be! As with Willow, she too doesn't back up but we can work on that. I have been riding Indy's Freyja to work on my confidence issues as she is a total deadhead and Amy appears to be very similar in nature. This girl is truly worth EVERY penny I paid and then some! She's dealing with some tender feet right now so we will be working on that so we can start getting some riding in.

Overall, this was a VERY unique experience and I can tell you from this point forward I will most likely only ever buy horses from auction. Yes, it can be hit or miss at an auction but you can't beat the prices! They had horses going for $10!! That's right! $10! We met some really helpful, unique individuals today as well :) And I also learned that it is **** near impossible to walk away with just one horse at an auction! LMAO!

If you made it thru this, cookies to you! Now who wants to help rename Amy? :-)

corinowalk 08-20-2010 10:09 PM

Oh you lucky girl! They are both beautiful! Love Amy! To keep it sounding the same...why not Rain? They you can call her rainy for a while and it will sound similar. She is gorgeous! She looks like Claymores smaller twin sister! Maybe call her Sissy! LOL

The haffie is soooo cute! Though she is looks as if shes had some decent nutrtion. Shes shiney! I wouldn't be suprised if she was bred. Both have good conformation and are just dolls!

You are so lucky!

Amarea 08-20-2010 10:12 PM

Aww thank you! And I actually REALLY like Rain!

They told us Willow had a "false pregnancy" because a stablemate had just had a foal recently but from what Indy said, her bag shouldn't be that full and her hind is a bit loose. We will certainly find out!

corinowalk 08-20-2010 10:15 PM

Oh and with the rain thing...shes got raindrop spots on her! It might just fit! LOL

Looks like your haffie might be a bit more than preggers! If she is infact pregnant...looks like she was probably fat before she got that way! Pregnancy should make her rounder...not give her a big fat neck crest! Glad you got these girls...these two are too nice to be on their way to mexico.

Amarea 08-20-2010 10:22 PM

Ah I think these girls would have ended up worked to death on Amish farms honestly.

I agree about her neck. Indy and I were looking her over and that's part of what has made it a big harder for us to tell is because you can tell she's been overweight for awhile so we can't tell if she just really is THAT fat or if it could potentially be baby belly. We also initially had the same concern with Amy but I think we've kind've dismissed that one now.

Amarea 08-20-2010 10:38 PM

Oh haha... Forgot to mention that we picked up a measuring stick today too and measured everyone!

Claymore - 16.3
Freyja - 15.1ish
Finn - 15.3
Fiona - 13.1
Misty - 11
Stiffler - 14.3
Amy - 15
Willow - 12

MeganAndPastick 08-20-2010 10:58 PM

Willow is to die for!!!

Amarea 08-20-2010 11:00 PM

=) Thank you!

Indyhorse 08-20-2010 11:39 PM

Hahaha they are some nice girls. There were some surprisingly nice horses at the sale today. Shipshewana can always be hit or miss. There were sure a lot of loose pen horses (kill pens).

Highest selling horse at the sale today was a GORGEOUS 7 year old mare, half Standardbred half Suffolk Punch. She was glorious, and even SHE sold only for $1550. As Amarea stated, we sat and watched a very cute but horribly skinny little leopard spot POA go for 10 bucks. There was a red roan/sabino mare there that would be mine right now if I had been in the market for a horse myself. At the low low prices, the urge was hard to resist.

Both Willow and Amy are great little mares. I do want to mention they were also on the high end of what was selling at the auction - few horses went much higher than these two girls. We had some bidding wars going on lol. I think Amarea was on the verge of a heart attack!

Both girls have some foot issues. Willow is overgrown and chipped, but moves sound on her feet. Amy shows signs of a previous founder episode, but moves sound if a little sensitive on rough ground. Get them both under some decent hoof care, and get some major weight off Willow in particular, and they should come along nicely. I just want to state again, I told Amarea several times but Amy is a heck of a good little mare. Nice, willing mover, lovely neck rein, very calm, easy, and responsive, stable. She will make Amarea the perfect horse. Willow has the to-be-expected pony sass but with also seems willing and very workable. I'm certain Willow is crossed - likely welsh or something along those lines, since haffies don't come in silver bay and she's on the short side for a haffy. Amy was probably papered at one time, good old stock Appy.

I'll post a link to the pictures of Willow on the breeding forum when I get the thread up.

Amarea 08-20-2010 11:46 PM

Hehe I think you are right about the heart attack LOL! My blood pressure was SKY HIGH!

And yes, there were only 3 or 4 other horses who sold for more than my girls did. Indy sure knows how to pick the good ones!

Thanks again Indy :) Couldn't have done it without ya!

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