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Gidget 08-21-2010 02:00 AM

ex gaming horse hops when she stops...?
My horse is an ex barrel/gaming horse and when I have her stop all four of her legs come up off the air and she does this little bunny hop thing..I was curious if it was because she gamed in the past and doing fast stops causes em to kinda do a hop thing to help slow em down..make sense? She does it majority of the time. I do a side stop to help slow her down.

PaintedFury 08-22-2010 05:17 PM

It sounds like she is stopping on her front end, which causes the hops. You need to re-balance her onto her rear end. Transition work, and asking her to back up every time you stop her will get her to work off her rear end, instead of her front end. This will also help collect her.

Gidget 08-22-2010 05:27 PM

oh okay, thanks. Is there a reason as why she does this?
I do know she does not collect at all...maybe it's called driving into the bit..not sure but I do the see saw thing with the reins while they are held downwards but she doesn't know what I am asking and if I do it with other horses they will do it.

Also, I want her to have a more filled in back..looks a bit hollow to me...does collecting help that?

ChingazMyBoy 08-22-2010 05:32 PM

See Sawing if your refering to the one I think you are then its REALLY bad. It is where you rotate between the two reins of which you put pressure on. It is also called the nut cracker effect and can have horrible results of hurting the horses mouth or breaking teeth. When you ride a horse you need to push with your legs and ride in a correct solid position. You need to get your horse working from his)her hind before you worry about headset and this should come naturally. You DO NOT force a horse into headset off their head/ your hands.
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PaintedFury 08-22-2010 05:39 PM

Yes, collecting would help that. Have you ever actually seen this mare run barrels? The reason I ask is because collection is a big part of barrel racing, it's required to get around the barrels. Instead of sawing on her mouth, but steady light pressure on both sides, and hold it until she drops her head, even the tiniest bit, then release. Keep doing it, and she'll get where when there is pressure on the reins, she will drop her head instead of raising it. At first she is going to try raising her head to avoid the pressure, just let her figure it out, hold the pressure until she drops it. I promise that she will figure it out. Before you can drive her onto the bit, you have to teach her to keep her head down, otherwise she will just raise her head and hollow her back out. Once she learns to carry her head correctly, you can work on her collection. I have an exercise where I work several small circles, into a four leaf clover kind of pattern, then lope a circle around the pattern. I'll get on my other computer later, and post the diagram, so you can see it. You start at a walk and work your way up, but take your time, it requires a lot of balance on the horse's part to lope the tiny circles in the middle. I'll try to get on there shortly and post it here so you'll have it.

Gidget 08-22-2010 06:12 PM

thanks for letting me know this. You know a lot of people try to help others and many people sayto see saw..and yes,you were correct about what I was talking about. Thank you.


Thank you as well.
I have never seen her compete. She is from Cali and a little girl owned her and used her and then I got her as a present. She doesn't run with her head in the's...just straight out. If you hold her back and tell her to go she will launch from her behind and take off. I played around with barrels with her and she seems to be really good with the turns BUT I never payed attention about her using her behind. I am newbie and have taken lessons here and there but right now lessons aren't an option right now but hopefully in a couple of months :)

ThatNinjaHorse 08-22-2010 09:48 PM

Im not a barrel racer and i dont do much of this type of riding but i think alot of the issue may be timing. You need to ask her to stop just as her hind is coming off the ground so she CAN get the hind under. Id practice just cantering around slowly so you can feel the striding better and get the timing right

Gidget 08-22-2010 11:01 PM

Thank you :)
I rode this evening and she and I were doing a bit better. Bounced a little bit but not as much.

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