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AnimalFarm2006 08-21-2010 10:59 PM

My Story: Obsessive, or Just Caring?

Chapter One: Just a touch of information.
My name is Cara. My life started back in West Palm Beach, Florida on March 2, 1990. As a child I was pretty normal. I had freinds, and was a bit of a wild child. The only thing I remembered being off was my way with animals. Odd how I would bring little parting gifts for dead cats I did not know, or care for the animals we end up giving up, A few kittens, and the momma because we were moving.

At the age of seven, We sold our house in FL and moved up north to Virgina. At first we lived in a small trailer with too many people. Than things got more settled and everyone got their own room. The only animal we had at the time was a golden retriever named brandy who was both deaf and blind. She was registered as a purebred but couldn't be shown. We got her for free down in Fl when her second owners gave her up due to her fascination in swimming in the Alligator Pond.

Our second cat happened to be the kitten I had fed, but my sister brought home. This little tiger cat was only weeks old and looked to have been dropped off by someone around the point. I kicked myself for not thinking of taking him home. It didn't even dawn on me to ask my parents about him. He became my sisters cat and was named Sam Sam. Sam for short.

I remember down the street a friend of ours cat had baby. I picked out a little tiger kitten, and the next day the momma tried to hide her baby. Maybe it was a sign about the little cat? I don't remember much from Tiger, but I do remember we found out she was pregnant on the day of her spay, and that one summer she just disappeared. She had always been a friendly wandering cat to anyone BUT her family.

A few months went by and my mother decided to get me a cat. Now I think was the point when I Really started being compassionate with animals. Frisky was a small black fluffy cat that came from a rescue in town. He was shy but sweet. Sam and Frisky became best freinds. They did everything together. It almost looked like Sam was the teacher and frisky was the apprentice.

Our little group of two cats and a dog had been perfect. Sadly, it did not last. Sam one day came inside and just went to sleep. He's not the house cat you usually see so this was weird. Two days later and he wasn't eating, and couldn't go to the bathroom. My sister, who had moved out, came down and took him to the vet. They didn;t know what was wrong. We ended up coming home with some random med. The first dose seemed to help him. He got up and got something to drink. The next day he was worse than before. By the end of the three week battle, I held him while we brought him to the vet to be put to sleep. He died in my arms on the way. Frisky was heartbroken. Sam had been his best friend and now he was gone.

The year brandy died was also the year SAM passed away. It seemed to be all in the same moment. We knew her heath was failing and had planned on putting her down after our family vocation. She had multiple strokes and could barely walk but she still found a way into the cow pen at my uncles house in the mountains. She ran around, played, and just had fun. My uncle told us he could take her out back and shoot her but we declined. Brandy was much more than that and deserved a better ending. She lasted a few more weeks before we ended up taking her to be put down. I avoided the procedure by going out with my best friend on her boat. When I got home, I missed seeing her big brown form get up and greet me. Eating dinner with her fluffy fur against my toes. Her bark, her love to hand you her paws. I just missed her...

Now we did not come home from the mountains empty handed. My uncle gave us one of his three puppy's. A tiny little chuhuahua mix that was kept outside. She was infested with worms, but oh so adorable. My best friend joked about calling her Taco and it stuck.

A year went by from the deaths. I think I was around 13-14. The next critter was a fluffy black kitten I randomly took from the same lady that had Tiger. She asked me to take a kitten and I just grabbed this little ball of fluff from her arms. Sneaker was a crazy little demon and as sweet as can be. She slept with me every night. But one day I came home and did not go looking for her. I guess I just felt a little bored with her. She wasn't as new as a kitten but she was well care for. I will regret not looking to see where she was for the rest of my life.

I was on the computer when my brother came in to tell me my cat was dead. He said she was found under the bed. But mom came out with the truth that sneaker had been put in the dryer and put on a spin cycle. She had been cooked, tossed, killed, and had suffered the worst death that I could think of. Too be stuck in an ever heating oven as it turned. Cloths covered her mouth, her feet no longer able to keep track. I only hope she was knocked unconscious.

The same day sneaker died We got dizzy doodle. Dizzy came from the same rescue as frisky. She had been a boarder that ended up staying and not being paid up. I had been walking around the cat infested rooms and was petting a few cats when I felt this head butt. I than heard the strangest purr in the world. A high pitch bird chirping. The same week I went to go volunteer my payment for dizzy I brought home a second cat.

Vashkin had been at the rescue for two days when I got him. He was laying in the sun by a window and i went to give him a few pats. The boy curled up into my chest, stuck his feet into my face, and promptly fell asleep. My best friend also named him after a fictional character, and a Vikin.

Things were good!!!! We had three cats and a dog. But as always...It didn't last. Mom decided to get puppy's with taco. We bred her to a ****-zu who later got hit by a car. The wait for her to pop took forever. I remember her being so big she could get up onto the sofa. She STILL has stretch marks at the age of 6 from when she was pregnant. But one night she popped. The vet said 2-3 puppy's. We thought originally he was right. Two came out, but she wouldn't feed them. Mom went out to get formula, and 2 more came out. She got home and two more came out. In total, She had five big puppy's and a tiny runt. We helped taco feed her baby's with the formula and eventually they were adorable as tiny fluffy puppy's. All six survived. Me and mom fought over the little girl that got stuck and almost died, and the Runt we worked hard to take care of. So...three cats and three dogs later We were a happy family!!

The year we went on a cruise was the same year we moved. I had spent most of my weekends over my grandfathers place were I had my first hands on experience hand grazing horses. We came back from the cruise and moved over in a mater of days! I think it was after this move that my care for animals really went wild. Dog and Cats are nothing compared to the other critters we had. I took two hamsters from a friend. you can see where this is going! Two hamsters = Six baby's + Adults. I ended up losing two hamsters due to ex-ape's, and a few others went to different homes. Hammy, the father out lived everyone at the age of 4. He passed away due to tumors/cancer.

After hamsters I got a guinea pig and did rescue for them. Started out with one and a tiny cage. Expanded to a HUGE custom C&C cage. Than i got an older boy named Early. Than two girls Elanor and Jazz. They were all were in big cages and spoiled rotten.

Tragedy seems to always find me one way or another. In 08, A friend was killed in a car wreck, Elanor passed away, and My grandfather died. I was a senor that following summer. Everything was suppose to be perfect. Gram pa committed suicide in august of 08 and I had to call 911 for him. He was my favorite family member. And secretly I knew why he shot himself. He felt guilty of a dark secret, and tired of being old even if he was 70 and still looked as if he was 60. I almost found him that day but something told me not to go outside. Not to go get my bike out of the garage to go bike ridding. A shock recently was the finding of his hidden bullets under my carpet. I moved into his room, and still am in his room a few weeks after he passed away.

Guinea pigs weren't my passion. They fell out of a fab when I randomly took in two ferrets. I realized that these guys were incredible. Not only did they act, and play differently than rodents. But they were a lot more into you. My first ferret was in 08. My last has been yesterday, 08/20/10. My currently number is Ten. Jazzie, the guinea pig passed away, and the boys were than transfered to their second mothers house to live a life of glory. They are being cared for better than what i even tried to do. My cage had been 2x3 for eat guinea pig. They now have 2x6's. Jiggly being two levels while early has access to 24/7 floor time.

The ferrets on the other hand have gone from tiny cage, medium cage, to extra large Ferret Nation. My bedroom went from my room, to the ferret room. Luckily my bedrooms two parts and my computer, dresser, etc is in one side. My bed is in the second part with the ferrets. I recently changed the rug for those squares for easier cleaning.

My cats had multiplied, and so has the dogs. We added a mix breed puppy with a lot of issues who is MY dog. And two different kittens, one is now a adult.

My recent list of animals
Frisky 10
Dizzy 8
Vashkin 6
Sam 2
Lavie Weeks

Taco 7
Sadie(runt) 5
GiGi(saved pup) 5
Simba 3

Lots of breeders because the ferrets eat whole prey/raw.

Lelloo 4
Jack 4
Monster 5-6
Ripply 2-3
Dakota 2-3
Pixie 1yr evil child.
Swipper less than a yr. EVIL bitter.
Bear Cage mate to Swipper. less than a yr.
Bubbles Afraid of other ferrets. Sat in my arms for as long as I held her. 1yr old.

)( I will add story's of each ferrets stories next and why I only rescue. )(

SPhorsemanship 08-22-2010 12:22 AM

whoa, I could not go through loosing so many animals :-(

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