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WriterChick18 08-23-2010 09:53 PM

Silver Star Academy (English/Western riding school RP, Anyone is welcome to join in!)
This is an Equestrian boarding school roleplay set at a riding school called Silver Star Academy. It specializes in both English and Western style riding. All situations and horses described are fictitious. Please read the entire post below as it contains vital information about the setting and please read the rules and feel free to hop in! Thanks!

1. Please make all posts 200 words or more.. try to include both dialogue and description in your post. See below for my example. No limit on maximum J
2. No godmodding – don’t control other people’s characters or horses without their permission in either actions or thought.
3. Please post in third person past tense (I.e. ‘Suzy walked into the kitchen’ rather than ‘I walk into the kitchen’).
4. You can write in the point of view of a horse or a person or both. In addition you can choose to pursue Western or English disciplines.
5. Have fun!


The air was crisp that mid September morning as Madison Sullivan walked down the steep hill, her tennis shoes squishing in the dewy grass. It was getting light out now, but it was still early, about seven when she’d looked at the clock in her room. There was a fine fog which blanketed the ground and everything around it, preventing the girl from seeing too far off into the tree-line. She could see her breath in the air and was glad she’d thought to throw on a hoodie over her clothes – a pale blue with yellow lettering thing that had the Aeropostale logo across the front and a pair of blue jeans with a decoration on the front pocket – a four leaf clover in green embroidered thread. Her hair, somewhere between dark gold and light brown, was secured in a tight braid at the back and her blue-grey eyes scanned the horizon as she walked, still chewing the muffin she had in her right hand.

Madison could smell the distinctive scent that emanated from the red building up a ways in front of her: a mixture of grain, straw, sweat and horses – the same scent that had nested itself into all corners of her current surroundings. Silver Star Riding Academy. Nestled into the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Silver Star was a premier equestrian boarding school. Every September kids from all over the country in grades 7 through 12 waited anxiously for acceptance letters to the school. They packed up their horses and headed off, ready for another year of learning and training.

Of course, given that it was school, they had to study math, science, literature, English, history and even Government, but the focus was on Equestrian. The school also gave weekly after school lessons to locals of all ages. Students at the school usually worked in the stables or helped the trainers with lessons to cover the cost of boarding their horse at the school if they had brought their own. If not, the school would assign them one of the municipal horses for their exclusive use during the school year so they could still share a bond with a special horse and care for and learn on that horse during the year.

Silver Star trained students in both English and Western riding disciplines and it made it a popular choice for students of all levels of ability and disciplines. The trainers and riding masters were nice and always willing to lend a helping hand. The school was fairly small and was housed in a renovated Victorian estate. This year’s class was about 45 students. The school had a homey feel as the house was also the home of the owners and main teachers at Silver Star, a middle aged married couple. They lived four to a room and each room had two pairs of bunk beds with one side of the hall for girls and one for the boys. Schedules were split with some students having riding lessons in the morning and class in the afternoon and the others vice versa. Each student also had private time each week with one of the trainers to work on a discipline of his or her choice. Before supper there was a quiet hour in which they could do homework or quiet activities in their rooms. All in all it was a very nice place.

It was Madison’s first week at Silver Star and before that week she’d only spent a little time on horseback and didn’t honestly know very much, though she was certainly willing and excited to learn. She could only hope she would one day be as gifted as the older students she saw there. Her parents had thought maybe going to a boarding school would be a good experience for her, give her some independence now that she was a freshman in high school and her mother had just gotten remarried. All in all, Madison had been more than anxious to escape her house and throw her attention into something more challenging that didn’t involve thinking about the new home situation. She had applied for the Equestrian school back in May and she had never believed for an instant she’d be accepted… but then the letter had come in August, catching her totally by surprise.

She didn’t have her own horse and so she’d been matched up with Integrity, a seven year old black Fell Pony mare belonging to the Academy. Integrity would be for her use only during that school year and that was –almost- as good as truly owning a horse of her own, at least for now. However, as she’d only arrived yesterday, she hadn’t had a chance to do much more than get unpacked and meet her room mates and teachers. She moved up to the fence outside of the paddock and quietly watched the horses that had already been turned out by their owners for an early morning canter, wondering if anyone else would show up that she might meet – be they another student or teacher or trainer.

"Hello.." She said softly. "Is anyone here?"

(OOC: Sorry about the length! There was a lot of information I had to get in there. Please feel free to grab a character and jump in!)

Nature2horses 08-23-2010 09:59 PM

This is awsome, do you think we could put it on proboards?

Edit: Actually, I like this more. On proboards, people just give short little experts of what they are doing and you have to jump all over the website.

WriterChick18 08-23-2010 10:37 PM

OOC: That's exactly why I put it here :) Please feel free to hop in

Brighteyes 08-24-2010 11:46 PM

A thud, as if a brick had been dropped, sounded from behind the barn, followed closely by a surprised squeal, several stomps, and a sudden stream of muted curses. The thud of a halter being thrown at the wooden fence panels was next, then the hoof beats of a single trotting horse. Bethany Cameron was having a bad morning again.

Several yards away, a gray pony seemed to be smiling at his indigent human. His eyes glittered, as if he were enjoying his morning task of mocking a his least favorite owner. Taking a few daring steps forward, he sniffed the faded purple halter Bethany had thrown at him. He lipped at it for a moment, nibbling at the warn cotton lead rope. Bethany took a deep breath in, just like her instructors had told her to. She took a few steps foward, focusing on the ground, then...

"Got cha!" she cried, lunging toward the pony. The pony, being an old school master and no fool in the matter of escaping work, simply trotted away, Bethany hanging on to his mane for a few steps.

More curses from the human, more glitter-eyed amusement from the pony... Then Bethany noticed something.

"Oh my Lord! How long have you been here?!"

WriterChick18 08-25-2010 05:56 PM

Her eyes flashed upwards as she heard a barrage of sounds coming from the back of the red barn. She couldn't tell what all had happened, but she heard someone muttering and the sound of, if she was not mistaken, a horse's hooves smacking the ground with light thuds as it hurried away from someone. Silver Star Academy estate was made up of almost 100 acres of land including several pleasure trails and turn outs for the horses - the largest of which was right behind the barn for easy access; which meant that she wasn't as alone as she had originally thought. She stuffed the last of the muffin in her mouth, swallowed as fast as possible and headed off to investigate, briefly running the tip of her tongue over her braces to try to make sure there was no muffin stuck in them.

She soon caught sight of a girl standing there holding onto a purple halter and being carefully evaded by either a smaller horse or a pony - she couldn't tell which it was as her eye wasn't so practiced on identifying breeds yet. The girl spun around and Maddie could hear the surprise in her exclamation when she spoke. She supposed she had been being quiet and it might have almost been like she'd snuck up on her, though she hadn't been meaning to surprise her so much.

She didn't think she recognized the girl specifically, which meant they weren't roommates, though she had probably seen her at supper the night before and just didn't remember. All she could remember in detail from that meal was the sea of faces and introductions and names swimming together in her head and how tired she had been from the flight which had brought her to Pennsylvania. Most everyone at the table had known each other – she got the feeling that the turnover rate of students was very low. It made sense, as, from what she could see, this was a wonderful place to go to school – no one would want to leave once they’d gone here.

Though she normally had trouble falling asleep in a new place, last night she hadn't. She had crawled into the empty top bunk in her room at ten thirty, long before some of the others had left the common area downstairs, and fallen straight to sleep. Her early departure to bed and catching up with sleep made the fact that it was a Monday morning much better or at least more bearable. Also that she was finally here at her new school at last made the usually awful day better. It didn't hold the same frustration tinged hint that a new school year at a regular school might have done. Maddie had been dreading the move to the big high school across her home town with 1200 students and several buildings - this was much better!

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you - only a couple of minutes... Um I'm Maddie Sullivan, I'm new." It felt a little lame and too stiffly formal. "Is he yours?" She nodded at the grey horse/pony with a wide smile.

Brighteyes 08-25-2010 06:41 PM

Bethany rolled her eyes in the pony's direction. "Yep. His name's Tucker. I own him, but I don't ride him. I let the younger ones exercise him. I'm too heavy for him now."

Bethany picked up Tucker's halter, hung it on the top fence board, and clambered over, landing heavily on the dirt path around the outside perimeter of the paddock. Tucker bent down to eat, only acknowledging his owner with a slight flick on an ear. He savored each piece of grass he chewed. This was much better than being saddled up and ridden by a gaggle of nervous kids with the riding skills of potato sacks.

"My name's Bethany, by the way. I don't know if we've met. Probably not." There was a pause. Bethany thought of ways to keep the conversation flowing. She hated those awkward silences. "You ride? Wait -- duh. Better question: you have a horse?"

WriterChick18 08-26-2010 01:13 PM

Maddie felt a little bit more relaxed as the girl introduced herself as Bethany and the pony, which did indeed turn out to be hers, as Tucker. It was a cute name she thought to herself. She had no idea what she’d name a horse if she ever was fortunate enough to get one of her own so such things were of interest to her. She did, however, decide that she very much liked the name of her ‘school pony’.

Frankly, Madison was a book worm. She spent most of her time reading or writing or doing her homework. On nice days she liked to go outside to read, but the truth was – she’d already read through her old junior high school’s library in the years she’d been there. Every book that looked of interest she had already read. Coming here to Silver Star was something totally out of the ordinary of her– nothing like she’d ever done before but yet something she’d always thought she’d enjoy doing.

Maddie had always liked animals and thought perhaps one day she would combine the two with writing animal books for junior high or even high school aged kids. Now the way it looked, perhaps things were turning out differently than she had anticipated they might. Perhaps her future was going to be totally different than she’d ever imagined it and that was a very exciting prospect. Maddie liked trying new things, different things and just going out there and doing something for the heck of trying it. She was outgoing and it was one of her favorite things about herself. She, however, had never felt like she’d been on a true adventure – nothing worthy of the books she read certainly and maybe this would be her chance to change that. The prospect filled her with tingles of anticipation all the way down to her fingers and toes.

She directed her attention back to Bethany who had leaped into the paddock. Madison followed by climbing awkwardly up onto the fence and moving to sit there on top of the wooden rails. They were certainly wide enough to sit on. The stiffness with which she maneuvered over the fence implied that she wasn’t used to climbing over it though she did manage it at last. She was short – only five feet tall so that might have been part of the problem. She grinned up at her again. “Well then.. it’s good to meet you – and no I don’t think we met. I just got here last night. I’m from Minnesota.” She said shrugging once with a smile.

“I think your first guess was closer actually. I’ve only ridden a few times and I don’t know much … okay anything.. about taking care of horses – so I’m here to learn.” She then thought that might make her sound unserious about really doing this the right way so she added, “I’ve always thought it would be nice to learn but didn’t get the chance. My parents split up and my mom got remarried and said now that I’m ready to start high school I could go away if I wanted – I’ve always thought a boarding school sounded more fun than a regular school but she didn’t want me to go until I was older - I applied last May but I didn’t honestly think for a minute I’d get accepted. I was completely surprised when I got the letter a couple of weeks ago.”

She paused for a moment trying to think what to say next – there was always so much to cover when you met a new person. “They assigned me a school pony. There’s information about her in the letter that came with my acceptance. They said she’s a seven year old black Fell Pony mare named Integrity and that I could meet her whenever I got here. I’m pretty excited about that.”

Waybueno 08-29-2010 05:13 PM

Mackenna Foster sat silently in the barn listening to the noises being made by other students and what sounded to be a run away horse or pony. Her eyes almost completely closed as she relaxes in her chair, leaning back against a larger stall. Her thoughts racing around her goals for this year and what she could do to get closer to her dreams. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by a breath of warm air on her neck and the sound of crunching oat hay in her right ear. She opens her eyes and looks over at the gelding sticking his head out of his stall, he was short, yet stocky like a bulldog, and he palomino coat was incredibly clean and shiny, as if he were wrapped in saran wrap to keep him that way. The gelding continues munching the last of his food in her ear, his soft kind eyes watching her probably wondering why she was just chilling in front of his stall, not that he cared that she was.

Mac lifts her palm up and strokes the geldings nose, before standing up and grabbing his halter off the stall door, she reaches over grabbing the cold handle on the stall and opens it. A small smile creeps on her face as she enters his stall, glancing the horse over a couples times, everything looked good, he was exceptionally clean as normal besides some shavings in his white mane and tail. She lifts the leather halter up and puts it on his head and begins to lead him out of his stall, she walks over towards the paddocks to a small empty one near where the other two students and pony were, she glances over at them and smiles while putting her hand up a little almost like saying hi without saying anything or actually waving her hand. She then lets the gelding loose in the small paddock and sits on the fence. The gelding stands there for a moment, head high, ears forward, eyes wides as he glances around. He then begins tossing his head before bolting forward as fast and as powerful as he could, running to the other end of the paddock letting out huge bucks and kicking out the whole way.

He slide stops as he nears the fence then turns over on his hind legs and runs to the gate closest to where the pony was, he then begins to nicker loudly in almost a studly way towards the little horse. Mac watches and shakes her head slightly towards the horse then looks to the other girls "Sorry about the noise, he gets excited when he see's other horses"

Charis 08-29-2010 05:27 PM

(OOC: just bookmarking for later)
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Charis 08-29-2010 06:24 PM

Izzie Grey rested her chin on her bridged hands, wearily eyeing the stacks of papers that seemed to have taken up semipermanent residence on her mahogany desk. It was the start of another school year at Silver Star, and while Izzie loved meeting all the new students, she hated the paperwork associated with them. Sighing, she gazed out the window; she had earned the right to the upper level office in the barn, so her window offered a glorious view of the outdoor ring and some of the paddocks on the north side of the barn.
Movement caught her eye; she giggled and sighed inwardly when she saw Tucker taunting one, no two, students. Izzie smiled to herself. it seemed an entire lifetime had passed since her first day at the Academy. Being in her thirties, she had to remind herself that she wasn't that old, but the age gap certainly was evident at times. Since graduating from Silver Star herself, Izzie had toured the country working for various trainers, both big and small, before an injury forced her to settle down and give up a hectic show life. She had jumped at the opportunity to join the Silver Star team, and hoped the relatively laid back atmosphere would expedite her recovery.
As if on cue, her back started aching again, so she decided it would be as good an excuse as any to take a breather from her office work - not that shed gotten much done yet anyways. Grimacing, she popped a painkiller in her mouth and gingerly started down the stairs to the main area of the barn.
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