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Iseul 08-25-2010 09:19 AM

Finally. :D
Well, when I was younger, I always imagined myself on a nicely trained horse running barrels.
I may not have the nicely trained horse for it, but we're still runnin' barrels and game classes, haha. Yesterday one of the 4h clubs at Hookstown did their fun show yesterday. I did toilet paper race thing with Heather..but Ace and Dude didn't get along too we didn't even get to a walk before we were out. xD
then I did the command class. I was proud of how far I got with Dude. Mendi, Drew and Chey got out before me. Three of us were cantering near each other, all girls, all with blue shirts on. the watchers never specified which and I ended up twisting around to look at the watcher to see and then going into a trot because someone went right infront of I got out. -sadface-
Then there was thread the needle..ended up not getting a time because he didn't want to go back through the cones after we spun around the point ;; so off course..did make him go back and go through them though :3
then we had down and back, got an run, he wouldn't go straight up the arena, kept trying to turn back to the gate, he spun around the barrel and came back well though, lol.
Barrels ended up better than I had expected, we actually cantered them instead of trotting, and the fact I ended up taking him to the left barrel first instead of the rest of her barn that goes to the right, haha. She was upset that I practiced the left with him, but afterwards she congratulated me on doing the pattern all the way through and still getting a time :D
I was really proud..heh, we got 40.xx as a time, Drew told me that I did well, and that rarely, if ever, happens. :)
so all in all, my first show-even if it was just a fun show, ended well. Mendi told me I did really good showing and handling him (he was giving me fuss the whole time too) and thanks for doing so well with him. That doesn't normally happen I was probably glowing on my way back to the stall to untack xD
And so-I ended up being on for a total of 7+ hours all day, got on around 5, didn't get off until after 11, lol. Was very sore though..and still am. ;;
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