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AKPaintLover 02-23-2008 09:11 PM

Fat Deposit??
So, I was shaving Dez down today, and I notice what seems to be a fist sized, firm (not hard) growth that seems sort of like a fat deposit or something. It was at the bottom of his chest, right in the middle of the V between his forelegs. The vet will be out in the next month for spring shots and I will have him check it out then (it does not seem like an emergency type thing).

Any ideas what it is?
My guess is fat deposit based of the feel of it, and the location, but how weird for just a little firm ball of whatever to just be right there.

JustDressageIt 02-23-2008 09:12 PM

Could be an air pocket..? Does it seem fluid-filled? It could be the horsey equivalent to our blisters..

Equina 02-23-2008 10:04 PM

Does he wear a breast collar or something that may have rubbed?

Could he possibly have been kicked by a buddy?

One time my boy came in from pasture with a squishy, fluidy spot here on his chest. It didn't look too horrible, but he would flinch if I brushed it too hard. The next day or so, it had kind of firmed up and sounds like what you described. It slowly shrunk/healed and was gone in a week or so. I assume his pasture mate had gotten him with a hoof.

Did you notice anything on Dez's chest yesterday?

Is it really the size of a fist? Or could you have possibly missed it in the past since he wasn't shaved?

Maybe it's just a weird man bump type thing. :wink:

stabledesigner 02-23-2008 11:15 PM

Chest lump...
Just a possibility,

Could it be a hematoma? Any fluid, including blood, can travel under the skin to the lowest point. Gravity will pull loose fluid down to the chest if there was trauma above it. According to your description of where it is located, I would look for a kick or bite mark on his neck, shoulder or chest. You say its in the middle, so the bite/kick could be on either side.

I have seen this kind of strange "lump" exactly where you are describing and after carefull examination from the vet, we found a clear kick mark about 3/4 the way up the horses neck. It hadn't broken the skin, just taken some hair off. The vet said there was probably some localized swelling for a couple days that we missed, then as the healing process continued the fluid in the swelling was not reabsorbed but instead, traveled under the skin to the lowest point... the chest. If I remember correctly, it took a week or so to finally go away without any other treatment.

If it is sore or your horse is lame in anyway, I would not wait to have the vet out.

Good luck and hope this helps.

AKPaintLover 02-24-2008 02:55 AM

Thanks for the replies guys!

JDI, it seems a bit firmer than an air pocket.

Equina, he has not had any tack on all winter - I ride bareback in the winter. He lives alone, so no kicks/bites, but he did have a minor nick higher up on his chest from something in the paddock (I am not sure what - will have to have a closer look). I did not notice it yesterday, but I was shaving him today, and it became clear when I removed the winter hair. Yes, it is about the size of a small fist.

stabledesigner, that is really interesting. As I replied to equina, he did turn up with a mysterious very minor (skinned) nick about 6" above the deposit on his chest (new today). I never would have considered the two to be connected. It does not seem sore at all. I will have a closer look at it tomorrow again. If anything seems funny, I will definitely get the vet out. In your situation, it just cleared up over time? It is not totally fluidy, but more of a soft, but in tact mass.

I think he may be been pushing up against his fence with his chest because we recently put a large bale of hay near his fence for feeding purposes. His panels are aluminum, and there are poles set in the ground every few panels to keep him from pushing his pen all around, but the spot near the hay, of course does not have a pole right there. I will check out the top rail of the fence closely tomorrow, to see if his pushing has damaged it in any way (I didn't notice anything obvious today) that could have caused the nick. Either way, we will get the Cat to move the hay pile from its enticing location.

I might try to get a picture of it tomorrow (if it will show up well on the camera).

AKPaintLover 02-24-2008 06:55 PM


the deposit was totally gone today! :shock: :shock:

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