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goodcallsenator 08-25-2010 03:32 PM

dead deer? (slightly graphic)
(I don't really know where this should go...)

In the past two days I have come across two dead deer (one stag [two points on the horns], and one fawn [about half size]) around the same area, usually this wouldn't worry me cause it's nature but never before in the 14 years I have lived on the same farm have I found a dead deer (excluding the fawn the dogs got a long time ago) and neither of the deer I found have been eaten by anything as far as I can tell (and there was no blood around)... I could see the fawn's eyes had been pecked but that was it and then one of the stags legs was torn and taken few feet away still completely in tact. I'm worried cause there has to be something wrong with the deer for them not to have been eaten and it's odd that a full grown stag would have been dead on the top of a mowed hill. It's also not like the bodies are old cause I go out on the trails every day (each body was found a day apart). Also we have tons of foxes, coyotes, buzzards, vultures, eagles, crows you name it so I'm worried that the deer were sick or something... Any one know what could be going on? I'm scared that if it's illness it could spread to the horses from walking by the bodies or with the deer coming in the fields.

iridehorses 08-25-2010 03:39 PM

It seems that you have a real concern so, if were me, I would call the county ag dept and question them.

Speed Racer 08-25-2010 03:46 PM

The only fatal disease that deer carry, which isn't transmissible to other species, is Chronic Wasting Disease.

They can and do carry Lyme, which is transmissible because of ticks, but CWD is found only in deer species.

It's kind of a moot point though, since unless you call someone to have the deer tested, you'll never know what really caused them to die.

TaMMa89 08-25-2010 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by iridehorses (Post 730069)
It seems that you have a real concern so, if were me, I would call the county ag dept and question them.

I agree with that. Let they handle with the deer. Sounds odd in my ears too.

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