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Angie29 08-26-2010 09:15 PM

Need Advice on Buying Horse
Hi, My name is Angela, Im going to buy my first horse. Ive done research and know w/out a doubt owning horses is apart of my future. But as a first time buyer I have alot of questions and im terrified of making a mistake w my first one. Im driving 5hrs on Saturday to look at a horse. Ive had many converstations with the sellers and Im feeling like something is wrong. They are selling their horse w/out a health cert or UTD on vaccines. I will be stabling my horse where vaccines and neg coggins is a must before going into quarintine. They want me to pay for the vaccines, coggins, and health cert. Why would I pay for all these things before I buy a horse? She could lame, or have some serious illness that Im unaware of. But I wont know until I get these things done. Im thinking of calling and canceling the scheduled trip. How does everyone else feel about this and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sunny 08-26-2010 09:24 PM

Have a veterinarian do a pre-purchase exam.
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Angie29 08-26-2010 09:29 PM

Does it cost anything? They gave me the number to their vet so I could call about a quote on the vaccines that are required by my stable. I dont mind paying for the vaccines, I just think something is fishy bout them expecting me to pay for vaccines on a horse I dont know that I want yet. And I dont feel comfortable getting them just to make sure she is sound before purchase.

franknbeans 08-26-2010 09:39 PM

Yes, a vet check (pre-purchase exam) does cost $$. How much varies greatly between areas, what is done, etc. What attracted you to this particular horse? Are there none closer to you?
I would not use their vet for a prepurchase at all, and would have concerns about a horse without the necessary vaccinations, etc. Frankly if you want that risk, there are LOTS out there at auctions.....but you have to have the experience to pick the right one.
Is someone knowledgeable going with you? Even after all these years and horses, I take another set of eyes, especially since I love them all, and end up coming home with one who is pretty, but not suitable for me.
You have not said what, if any, your experience is, what you want in a horse, etc. Hopefully you have a clear idea.
Good luck!

MyBoyPuck 08-26-2010 09:43 PM

Your post says you went to look at a horse. Have you ridden this horse a few times and know he's a good fit for you personality wise? I've never heard of anyone asking the buyer to pick up the tab for shots, but in this economy, maybe they just want to be done with the horse and the related expenses. There are plenty of good horses out there. My thing is, if a red light goes off in your head, there's a reason. Trust your gut.

Angie29 08-26-2010 09:50 PM

Well, Im a beginner rider. My roomate has had horses her whole life and is trainig me on her 12yr old TB. I spend every free second at the stables. She is going with me to look at any horses im interested in to help me find the right one and to check for soundness. Ive been looking for a mare or gelding with a sweet disposition who is still young enough to have some spunk but calm also. Has to be saddle broke since my trainer is already working with her new 3yr old horse and doesnt have time for 2. The horse I found seems like the perfect match. 5yr. old mare fully saddle broke. From what Ive been told about her shes a sweety. Ive spent hours talking to the owners in just this past week. They were going to send her to a "horse sale" which I think is just a polite way of saying an auction this friday but when I told them I couldnt make the 5hr ride for tonight they called to tell me they wouldnt sell her and they really wanted me to see. Now they want me to pay for her vaccines and vet check. I dont mind getting a pre purchase exam especially with my trainer going with me. But shouldnt these owners be trying to sell me a horse w proven good health records? Im sure they will be making more off me than an auction. Its puting me on the cautious side.

Solon 08-26-2010 09:53 PM

Go to the following website and click on the Download Horse Buying Checklist.

Has every question you could ever want to ask.

Equine Legal Solutions - Buying Checklist

ridergirl23 08-26-2010 09:55 PM

Personally for a beginner I would be looking for an older horse... but if shes really calm and well trained it might work.
Yesget a pre-purchase exam. with YOUR vet, not theirs.
DO NOT feel obligated to buy her because they are going to take her to auction if you dont, a lot of buyers say that just to get the person to buy them out of guilt, so dont go for that.
and good luck! :)

Angie29 08-26-2010 10:03 PM

thank you for all your responses. It makes me feel alot better. My gut says dont go. Infact it might be screaming at me. The right horse will find its way into my heart and my life. When the right one comes along I'll know it and I wont feel cautious....I will just feel whole. Thanks again everyone. And I hope to be seeing more of you on my quest for knowledge on this wonderful site.

Solon 08-26-2010 10:08 PM

It's okay to feel cautious. Buying a horse is a very big commitment. It's not just riding and happy times. You've got to be prepared to deal with the down right ugly times. If they get sick or hurt.

Always get a vet check and like they said above, don't let anyone guilt you into buying a horse you don't feel is right for you because they are going to 'take it to auction'. So many people do that and they should be ashamed of themselves (but probably aren't!).

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