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Emma7442 02-24-2008 02:30 AM

Half halt? My brain cant take too much...
I have heard so much about a "half halt" I have been going to riding schools for 5 years before i quit and got my own horse. They never taught me how to do a half halt. I have read up about it and it was so confusing my brain just couldnt take it all in. So I tried doing this on my horse (I have no idea if its right!)

Before i asked him to trot in a straight line I

-Pulled slightly on my reins
-leaned back
-squeezed with my lower leg and my upper leg

He didnt really do anything and I didnt know what to expect so I just nudged him after i gave those signals. Oh its so confusing!!!!

JustDressageIt 02-24-2008 10:37 AM

Ahhh the half halt.

Really all it is is a moment for you and your horse to rebalance. Think about it, when you get too out of synch with your horse, you'll stop and try over right? Well this is similar, except you don't stop. I'll use the canter as a good example: if your horse needs to rebalance, you can do one of about 3 things: 1) keep going and rebalance in a corner 2) stop and start again, or 3) do a half halt. The half halt is where all of your aids say "stop!" for a split second before you drive forwards again.
So say you're getting a little strung out at the canter... think whoa with your aids, and before your horse actually does stop, drive him forwards again, and he should be more collected and rebalanced.

It is very confusing and will take some time to get a feel for.. but eventually you'll get there.

My explanations are usually quite vague, so let me know if I should explain better.

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