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HunterJumperLover 08-27-2010 03:49 PM

Joint supplements
So me and Tuck do mainly jumping and eventing, so my old trainer suggested putting him on some joint supplements. I had him on ActiFlex, but now Im at a new barn and the owner is a vet, so she said for her horses she just gives an injection of Adequan every month, but alot of girls use SmartPak. What personal experience or advice would yall suggest? SmartPak(and if so, which ones)? Adequan? Keep him on ActiFlex? Or anything else that you like?

mliponoga 08-27-2010 03:53 PM

I've seen the best results with cortaflex personally!

HunterJumperLover 08-28-2010 05:37 PM

Thanks! Ill look into that!

luvs2ride1979 08-30-2010 11:04 AM

Joint injections should only be given if a horse has a real problem. For prevention, feed throughs work fine. If you like ActiFlex, then stay on it. I use ActiFlex for horses that are having stiffness and soreness issues. I also use pure MSM for horses without much issue. 10,000 mg daily is a good dose. ActiFlex only has 5,000 mgs, so I do add extra MSM for horses that need it.

franknbeans 08-30-2010 11:17 AM

I also love Cortaflex, but no supplement will work if the horse won't eat it. So, if you call Smartpak and talk to them, they are great, will help you choose, and will send samples to see which one your horsey likes too!

lennies mom 09-07-2010 04:29 AM

i have used cortaflex with good results but have also found an alternative called premier flex plus..

MIEventer 09-07-2010 09:41 AM

I am not a big fan of Oral Suppliments because too many studdies have been on on the products that show that they may not be 100% of what the companies claim them to be, and also that they are not always effective as we all may like to think they are.

Reason being is that Oral Suppliments fall under the Equine Nutrition category, which means that the rules and the regulations, studdies and tests are not that strict. So companies can get away with saying that "this product has this ingredient in it" and companies can say that "this product has this much of this ingredient in it" when in reality it may not.

Also, studdies show that while you give your horse a full scoop of the product to injest with his/her food, that only a small amount of that dose you gave, gets to the place where you need it to go to get its' job done.

I do not trust Oral Suppliments nor do I want to invest my money on an expensive product that "may" or "may not" do the job that the company claims it "possible can do"

IM's, like Adequan, fall under the "Equine Medical" category. Where rules, regulations, and testing is very strict. So the products that are out there, are exactly what they say they are, and have the exact ingredients in them as they say they do and do the job that they say they do.

I like Adequan, because it does a great job and I know it is doing the job that the company states it does, because of the category it falls under.

There are quite a few people at my barn, who have horses with no joint issues, but use Adequan as a "buffer" over show season, especially in the Hunter/Jumper and Eventing World. People start giving their horses the IM's a couple of months before their first comp, and continue to give the injections once a month until the end of the season - or continue on giving the injections like myself *my horse needs them*

Jumping and Eventing is a very, very strenuous sport. Many studdies show that our horses front legs take alot of strain when landing off of a fence, regardless of height and alot of shock. Our horses front limbs break down little by little, and by adding products like Adequan, help buffer those joints to help protect them to prevent injuries and issues down the road.

Also, being educated about how much you jump a week, and what you do to take care of your horses joints after you ride, and before you ride. Stretches, hosing, wrapping, nutrition. Proper conditioning on a daily basis, boots, etc, etc.

I say, talk to your vet about joint suppliments and go with what he/she says to you. I do like SmartPak alot as well. I use smartpak, my horse gets SmartGut Pellets and SmartDigest Ultra.

I also know people who use orals as a "preventative", which is fine. Their money, their horse, their choice.

WickedNag 09-07-2010 09:43 AM

all my horses get Corta flx. Love the stuff!

mliponoga 09-07-2010 03:51 PM

To back up my claim on Corta Flx, my friend has a 24 year old mare. If not for the supplement she would barely be able to walk and gets extremely stiff and cracks a lot. With Corta Flx though she moves perfect, can still be ridden perfectly fine W/T/C/G, she never shows any lameness issues, etc.

Also, my dad had an OTTB for a year who had been raced for 8 years. He cracked with every step and always seemed a little sore. Once on Corta Flx there were no longer any issues at all.

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