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dedebird 08-28-2010 02:48 AM

lots of questions
ok so i have a few questions and i'd be very glad if people will anwser them :)

so first question: the lesson horse i ride hold her head up high while troting (somtimes walking) so my instructor (i'm not questioning her its her horse) tells me to hold the outside rein steady and give and take with the inside what dose that do i don't get it! i just do it xD

i was also wondering what people think about leaving a horse alone for awhile only sometimes riding it you see i used to ride this one horse and since i left only one person has ridden him and only sometimes i'm gonna start riding him again but i wanna know should i be prepared for a more highstrung horse after not being riden? (i'm still gonna ride him though no matter what)

also i heard that the metal curry comb will hurt the horse now i use this all the time because it gets all the hair off my furry horse xD is it hurting her she dosen't seem to care but then again she's really layed back and forgiving

and this one may seem odd... but what exactly is putting a horse down i know its letting it die so it won't be in anymore pain but i've heard its alot of shots so what exactly are they doing? i might have to put my horse down so i would like to know

sorry about how long it is i'd be very hapy if you'd anwser the second question is important though cause i'm riding him tomorrow!!! thanks for reading n.n

PintoTess 08-29-2010 10:58 PM

1. you could try putting a martingale on her or maybe she needs her teeth checked.
2. Lunge him!!! before you get on it will wuiten him down.
3.yes it will sometimes hurt her but if you go gently it wont. is kinder to do this. but its a hard descisdion t0 make

Arksly 08-29-2010 11:25 PM

1. You instructor is trying to teach you how to get the horse in "frame" or in other words the horse is more on the bit and possibly working from behind.
2. I don't really understand your question. If the horse has been ridden I'm sure it will be fine. Even if it hasn't been ridden I am sure you will be fine. Some horses can go for a long time without being ridden and are fine when you begin riding them again as long as they are turned outside.
3. Metal curry combs can hurt a horse. But, as long as you are gentle it should be fine. Also, don't use it on a horses head, legs, or any other bony parts.
4. When a horse is being put to sleep or euthanized it is a series of needles. First they tranquilize the horse until they lay down (they can no longer feel any pain and are drowsy). Next, they take another needle and insert it into the horses neck and the horses heart will stop beating.

dedebird 08-29-2010 11:53 PM

ohhhh ok a frame... hmmm that makes sence

he gets riden sometimes not often xD its just once before he wasn't ridenand he changed a little on the excited side then when i stoped riding him this one person rides him but idk how much

ok good i'm glad its not like i put all the pressure posible on the curry n.n

hmhm ok im glad it won't hurt her... u.u i'll miss her we are still not sure my mom is trying so many different things

thanks for your helps guys!!!

Tahlia 08-30-2010 12:21 AM

ok so i have a big quesion too,
GREEN HORSES.. i have a green horse and im a green rider i love my horse spirit and dont want to sell her but im also to scared to ride her.. what should i do?

dedebird 08-30-2010 12:42 AM

why would you have a green horse if your a green rider? but anyway i'm not sure mabye a trainer or somthing?

Tahlia 08-30-2010 01:01 AM

ok well it all started i had no idea about horses than but now i know. i can canter and gallop and trot and everything. iv been bucked of horses and shetlands lol.. i have a 14 year old horse who i have been riding but he is stubborn all the time he is hard to catch hard to saddle and hard to make him move if your going away from home.. maybe someone has been through this lol..

dedebird 08-30-2010 01:09 AM

hmmmm.... well all i can say is make him move get a whip or spurs

hard to catch well you can chase him around all day or keep a halter on him (the horse i catch only walks away slowly or puts her ears back in fake meanness) so i don't know much about catching just heard that from some other people

and hard to saddle is there anything wrong with his back the last time a horse had saddling problems had a back problems... ya didn't end well i'll never make that mistake again!

hope i helped!

Tahlia 08-30-2010 11:13 PM

well he isnt mine he is on lease, and its all natural that i am doing, bitlless too... so there is noway im getting the whip out, and as i have already been told not to use a whip.. no back problems.. he just doesnt want to be ridden...

tinyliny 08-31-2010 12:34 AM

I have an interesting way for you to catch your horse. Is she on a smallish pasture or way out in the middle of many acres? If the pasture is like a half acre or less this will work.

She doesn't want to be WITH you so you make her go away from you until she decided that being with you is a lot easier than having you chase her around. Go to her pasture and approach her. If she won't let you catch her, then drive her off! swing your rope and drive her off. Dont chase her, just let her settle a tiny minute. like 10 seconds, then come at her and drive her off . Try not to let her get comfortable grazing . you may have to run your ass off. IF you approache her to drive her off again and she turns toward you with an attitude like "I have changed my mind, you look interesting to me" maybe she prickes her ears or lowers her head and amble toward her, then STOP driving! Stand there a second, don't face her directly but turn your body slightly at an angle and inviter her in with your hand out like you had a treat and a sweet voice. If she stands calmly or walks toward you then just stay calm and restful and just walk right up and put your arm over her neck, calm as can be.
If you start to put your arm over her, and she turns away to blow you off, let her move just a bit off from you (8 feet?) and then DRIVE her away, again, vigorously. You want her to learn that when she blows you off like that, life will not be comfortable When she is with you, it's the most comfortable place. So when you do catch her, pet her and just stand there a few minutes. Give her a treat, perhaps. If you are really brave you will put the halter on, hang out, be nice and then let her go. Rest 15 minutes then go see if you can't catch easier this time. This works best in an are small enough for you to drive her and fro her not be able to run far away from you.
However, if the area is big, put a pile of delicious hay in the middle, something she would like to have and then if she won't let you catch her, then drive her off that hay over and over . It will draw her back in to your range. Do what I described . Be prepared to be tired. But hopefully, she will know that she cannot blow you off like that. It's very disrespectful.

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