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mliponoga 08-28-2010 09:14 PM

Show me your duns! Duns, Red Duns, Dunalinos, Grullos, etc.
As the title says, post pictures of your duns!!

nrhareiner 08-28-2010 09:32 PM



One of Tes sons 3 days old

Anouther of Tes sons

soileddove 08-28-2010 10:03 PM

This is Duke, a red dun QH gelding.. He was my first horse as a child. He was 32 when he was put down, I was 10.

Also, if anyone cares, I still use that headstall on my mare.. :) My [now] 60 year old grandpa bought that headstall when he was my age. ha ha

mbender 08-28-2010 10:31 PM

2 Attachment(s)
My filly Misty

Plains Drifter 08-28-2010 10:38 PM

My new dun colt coming home this fall:

My dun Lillie that I sold this spring.

rocky pony 08-28-2010 11:33 PM

This is Buddy, my mom's upper-20-something red dun Quarter Horse.

And Dixie, an amazing grulla QH gelding I used to lease from a good friend. RIP
(shown above with little me, I was probably around 9)
(shown above in his later years)

QHDragon 08-29-2010 01:27 AM

Here's my old QH gelding. Selling him was the worst decision I've made.

I think red dun is up in my top five of favorite colors, so pretty!

He was a great get on and do anything horse, sadly a case of "you don't know what you got until its gone."

haviris 08-29-2010 02:05 AM

Deerly 08-29-2010 02:54 AM

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This isn't my horse but it's my horse's maternal brother! I think the resemblance is uncanny except his brother is a dun! Seriously, their faces are strikingly similar I can't get over it!

colds 08-29-2010 11:50 AM

My daughter and her horse Ginger

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