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FriesiansAndBasenjis 08-29-2010 09:20 PM

Cost of Building
Hi there!

I've been dreaming of and planning out my future boarding and breeding stables (I'm 16... heehee) and, in the process of figuring out costs, I've been pretty dang shocked. 60k+ to build an indoor riding ring? Really? I just can't see why.

So, could anyone who owns or has built barns, arenas, etc, break down the cost for your particular project? The more detailed, the better.

My arena I've been planning: indoor, with sort of garage-door-style 'windows' that make up more of the walls than the wall does (does that description make sense? lol) that would open to make it feel more like a covered arena than indoor, but also let in a ton of light when closed. Probably 100'x200'. I loved loved loved this footing a barn had- sand mixed with rubber bits- so that's most likely what I would have.

Do you need a drainage system for indoor/covered arenas?

Also, I've been considering the cost of building a small racetrack... yeah, a racetrack. (I figure it would be good for exercising a horse if someone else is in the arena [and you don't need to jump or anything*], or an attraction for racehorse owners to board there, or to train a horse to drive, etc)

Of course, googling it comes up with these famous tracks that cost tens of millions of dollars to build... I'm just thinking 1 mile, probably dirt turf, and the standard guard rails (like the ones on the side of the road?). No fancy starting gate or grandstands. :wink:
*If you wanted to jump in a racetrack, could you? I would imagine so...

I know, I'm dreamin' big, but hey, why not dream? It's a nicer thing to think about than homework.

VelvetsAB 08-29-2010 10:51 PM

If you are willing to change the size of your arena, you might get lucky and find someone who has either a steel one for sale (how my riding school barn got theirs) or has a coverall for sale. It might not be as big as you want, but it might be cheaper. If you have seen the new barns that dairy farmers are using, they have the roll up windows in the sides and look nice as well, it just would have more rafters in the building instead of a large steel beam. Steel rafters and lighting would most likely be the big main expense in an arena...???

Tracks arent as expensive as you think. All it really costs is the stone dust (what Standardbreds use). You can make the track yourself...lots of people do...just make sure the corners are slightly banked. Stone dust can eat away at a horses hooves, so they are better off having all 4 hooves shod, just as an fyi. Most Standardbred tracks got rid of the inside hub as a safety issue because too many were getting hurt when the bikes would get caught on it, or a few other reasons. You would almost be better off with a fence of somesort instead of a guard rail like you are thinking as again it is steel and wont break if you or a horse lands on it. A track for TB's...I have no idea about though! If you were to go with turf, it would just be like riding in an outdoor grass ring, which you could for sure jump on. A mile long is pretty long though, and I would bet a lot of smaller training farms dont have anything that long. Our STBD track is maybe just over a 1/4 mile around....

VelvetsAB 08-29-2010 11:07 PM

Ran out of time....I kept adding to it, then it wouldnt let me add anymore!

Steeplechase is done on a grass track :)

Honestly, growing up with STBDs, most(keyword most) were at the home farm for training or at a training center...not really the lone horse at a barn. I would think a grass track would be a bigger draw for eventers if you had jumps that you could change every so often right on the track, with enough open space for them to still be doing stuff on the flat. You could even make it wide enough to have 2 sets of jumps if you set on each side, with different jump heights so that the rider could choose a level....lowest jumps to the inside, highest to the outside.

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