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Lonannuniel 08-29-2010 11:25 PM

a few questions from a worrier ( mostly about the lower legs)
hello folks! i have a few very minor questions, which, most likely, don't mean anything, but i'm the worrying type, and just incase, i thought i may aswell ask all at once instead of wasting space with multiple threads --

1. is there any problem with a horse ( hanovarian x trekener if thats of important) shedding his fetlock & leg hair, even during summer?

2. does the depth around the frog ( i think it's called collateral grove? ) have anything to do with overal hoof health? i've found that one of my horse's front hoof's grove is deeper than the other, does this indicate anything?

3. when i pick my horse's back hooves, he has a tendancy to lift his leg up as high as it can go, stretch it, and crack his fetlock joint, and then relax, should this be something i should let him do? does this have any affect on his leg's stability / health?

PintoTess 08-30-2010 12:54 AM

it is normal for a horse o shed is lower leg hair but not to the point that it goes bald...The collateral groove has ALOT to do with hoof health as it is near the sensitive frog and if there is an infaction in the groove, there is most likely an infection in the frog...It abnormal for the horses fetlock to crack but if its not causing him any pain i wouldnt worry to much.
Hope ive helped a little bit:-)

ridergirl23 08-30-2010 01:02 AM

-as long as the horses legs aren't balding I wouldn't worry
-sorry, I'm no expert, so I won't throw you off by giving advice on something I don't know about :)
-lots of horses do this, I'm not positive why, but I just don't let my horse tear her leg out of my hands then kind of shake it away from my hands.
I hope I helped a little! :)
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