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cjessy 02-24-2008 07:22 PM

How much do you spend?
I am currently looking into purchasing my first horse and I am very excited. My husband and I are trying to budget for my life long desire and want to make it work. Board will cost $340 a month which includes use of all the facility, it sits on 40 acres, 8 wooded, feed, daily turn out, and dewormer. What about farrier visits? vet visits? how often do teeth needed cleaned/floated? What are the costs? What are things that I will need (besides tack). I really need some help with my budget! I know what it will cost for all of my tack expenses, but thats the fun stuff! The horse I am interested in doesn't have shoes currently, but I am not going to use her for trail anytime soon. Mostly I will be working with her on the indoor and outdoor arenas for poles and barrels. Please help!!! :oops:

xoLivxo 02-24-2008 07:57 PM

for me...more than 1000 lots more unfourntly...poor parents :cry: lol

SonnyWimps 02-24-2008 08:07 PM

here's how much I pay usually in a month
Board: $300
Worming: $12
Farrier: $40

Now prices will be different if I need the vet to give shots or whatelse...but that's all I usually have to pay.

Supermane 02-24-2008 10:11 PM

We spend a lot more than 1000 a month, then again I have two horse and the places we board charges $650 a month and $375 a month.

tim 02-24-2008 11:12 PM

Our expenses generally amount to
$360/month board plus $100/five weeks for farrier.

We spend about $100 on worming each year and the vet costs something like $360 per year for the standard preventative maintenence program.

But you will always be buying things.

PoptartShop 02-24-2008 11:30 PM

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Usually around $300+.

LadyDreamer 02-25-2008 12:42 AM

That really sounds like a good deal, nowadays. I'd take it.

Of course after checking over some things, like :
-daily routine/extra care (feed and water times and how many per day; in warm weather are extra water sources provided or is the water checked more often)
-On the feeding: is every horse treated the same. if you provide the supplements, will they feed it, is salt or mineral provided?
requirements(like mandatory halters on all outside horses. some with good reason like it, some with good reason, do not;
-Emergency Calls/notification(when they call the vet, and if they will do it with or without owner consent. common sense stuff; when they call the owner if something happens; so on and so forth)
-location from my residence
-the condition of the other horses BOARDED
-condition of the fences and enclosures/paddocks
-ask to see the hay, if it is not in plain sight.

You will need to check and see about thier leniency if you fall in a bind and may be late with a payment. If you are late with a bill is your horse going pay for it in lack of care.

You need to really have a several thousand dollar emergency vet fund for those "Just in Case" moments. Unless you are doing monthly vet checks on your horse or have a vet bill payment, a monthly vet bill is unknown.

Your initial vet check of the horse will determine how much/when dental will be needed.

Shoes are choice, but really if you aren't doing "much" with him, like showing, or riding often over rough terrain, or need correctional/medicinal shoes, they are just another thing with nails to get lost in the pasture.

You will need to ask how often the farrier comes out and how much "thier guy" charges for footwork, like trimming, and then get him on a schedule.

You may need grooming supplies. I know boarding barns who supply grooming tools for all residents, and others who offer an x amount of space in the tack room for your own tack trunk and supplies.

It is common courtesy to supply a halter anywhere. Don't take him off the trailer, turn him out in his area, and put the halter back in the trailer. If it is a larger facility with several different boarders, buy a personalized halter so it will deter thieves. Of course leather is "better", for the reason it will break if your horse gets in a bind, and nylon will not, except for the breakaway halters and them, not always. I ADORE Valhoma brand halters. The one I have has enough holes on the crown that I can put it on my horse who has a head like a saddle-trunk, and then turn around and put it securely on my hackney pony without fear of it slipping over his nose. I love it.

Good luck!

Vidaloco 02-25-2008 07:32 AM

I don't board our horses so I'm sure its less than $500 but that wasn't an option. Farrier cost and feed I would guess around 3-400 a month for 4 horses. In the summer when they are on pasture subtract 150 from that since I don't need hay. We float teeth once a year and vaccinate once a year. Trim feet every 8 weeks in winter and 6 weeks in summer $25 per horse. The vet bill is usually a bunch sorry don't remember what it is (I try to forget :shock: ) but we have all 6 dogs done and all the horses in one visit so yeah its kinda high.

Sorry wanted to add fly spray to that. We use fly predators on a monthly ship basis and gallons of fly spray in the summer so you will want to add at least $20 a month for that.

xoLivxo 02-25-2008 09:36 PM


Originally Posted by Supermane
We spend a lot more than 1000 a month, then again I have two horse and the places we board charges $650 a month and $375 a month.

same and thats not even all the A-AA shows every other weeked that can get into the 1000s and all the boarding we have for our other show horses we have in 2 different states right now (each place is usually 900 a month) ahhhh i feel bad for my parents.

Vidaloco 02-26-2008 08:56 AM

After reading some of the posts, I guess if you want to take your horse someplace you have to add in the cost of a vehicle and horse trailer. Plus all the incidentals with travel and show costs if that what you want to do. Just keeping a horse fed, bed and healthy is really basic costs compared to all the things that can go with the riding of the horse. If you plan to just ride your horse where you board then that is a low figure. If you plan on doing any traveling/showing the price can get pretty high. Be careful, they really can be a money drain. :shock:

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