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Just Ruthiey 08-30-2010 03:15 PM

Pepper's Breaking
So its been awhile since I have really posted anything. In this time I have jumped HUGE strides with Pepper.

Pepper now trusts me for the post part- she an be a total brat but she is an Arabian so I expect it, no surprises there.
Pepper will now bath with the hoes, go me! She doesn't enjoy it one bit, she likes to back away a little but I just have to be firm & she calms down.

Pepper will also let me tighten the girth on the bareback saddle pad & put the English saddle on her back, along with a saddle pad.
Halters are no long a problem, she doesn't fit it anymore.

So it was what... three nights ago I was bored & I hadn't done anything with Pepper for a few days so I introduced her to the bit. She didn't fit, nothing like that at all. She stepped back a little so I gave in just a tad. She licked the bit (Its Khanners Curved bit) & then accepted it, no problems. She has worn it three or four times for 15 to 20 mins at a time just walking around.
I have only put pressure on her back with my arms... Scared to death to get on her.

Besides just putting pressure on her back what else should I do with her?
If you have any ideas, and tips, hints, anything- I would love to read them.

She is my first baby that I haven't sold/ trained by myself (my dad watches along side me but he is 74, getting young in those years, its hard for him to do anything with her).

So let the typing begin!

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