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twogeldings 08-31-2010 03:29 PM

I had a little d'aww today
Divo is a total people horse. He adores getting loved on, butt scratches, pettings, etc. He'll follow you around the pasture and I can do quite a bit with him freehand, i.e, without halter/lead/restraints. Need to pick up his feet? No problem. Braid his mane? Not an issue. Put ointment on a scrape? Go ahead. The only thing he's not very fond of is getting fly sprayed in the pasture. He comes running up to the gate when he sees you coming over. He's not a pest about it, but when you start walking in his direction, he expects some lovin'.

Today I phoned the property owners to relay them a number of a guy interested in buying their truck. I got a hold of the wife, and she asked me what the name of the little black horse is (Divo's awfully short). I told her his name is Divo, and of course that he's a little attention hog :D

Well apparently her daughter loves to go out and visit him, and jog along then fence (Divo will happily run with you). It just kinda made me smile, I remember how when I was a youngster how much it brightened my week to go out and take riding lessons. Then when I got my first horse, how much I loved just being with him.

Like I said, Divo's very personable and theres no harm done in the girl spending time with him, or running along the fence line with him. In all honesty he needs the exercise (he's getting a bit chubby), so more power to her :D Just kinda made me smile hearing about it!

PumpkinzMyBaby22 09-01-2010 05:45 AM

Aww thats soo cute.! He sounds like a little sweet heart! At least you found a way to excersise him without any effort on your part :p

twogeldings 09-02-2010 04:07 PM

I know right! Maybe I should go out there and secretly encourage her XD

I just can't get over the hilarious faces he makes when I give him scratches. No matter if it's his butt, back, neck, poll, or face he always does the funny lip thing! I gotta get a video of it one day, it cracks me up.

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