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tempest 09-01-2010 04:40 PM

Just today I found out that one of the horses at my RI's barn went to a new home. She's a great horse, as long as you weren't trying to show her. A little history on this horse. Milly is a chestnut Morgan mare who's about 10 years old. She is the daughter of apparently a very difficult horse. In the barn, she's an angel, in the show ring, you're lucky if you can get her to walk.

She's amazingly fast, possibly because she's still green. She will trot and canter if you ask her to. The problem though is she won't walk. If you tell her to walk, she starts acting up, sidestepping, breaking into a faster gait, and even rearing to the point of sitting down or going over. My RI had given up on her because she was dangerous. In a barn full of smaller children there's no room for a dangerous horse, let alone one that you don't want to breed because of her difficult bloodlines. So when one of my riding friends calls and asks if my RI might possibly have a pasture mate for her horse. My RI replied, "You can have Milly. You can do whatever you want with her, even ride her if you want to risk it." So my friend takes Milly to her barn.

End of story right?

Wrong, I found out today that my friend is riding Milly bareback with only a halter and lead rope. With no problems at all. That's more than anyone was ever able to do with her. My RI couldn't ride that horse without a bit, she wouldn't let anyone else ride that horse after she became dangerous and my friend is riding this horse around in only a halter.

I don't know you what you think, but I think that is amazing. Is it possible that Milly has always been a one person horse, but we didn't know it? And if she was, has she found her person. Honestly I don't think that we will really find out unless she takes her to the show grounds to be ridden.

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