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Wallaby 09-02-2010 09:04 PM

lone horses....
So, I'm considering talking to my neighbor's who have boarded horses at their house before (and used to own horses themselves), if I could basically rent a field and keep Lacey there and do all her care myself for the winter.

The only major con is that Lacey would be by herself except for the company of two llamas and possibly very limited over the fence company of two horses. I think she'd probably be fine since I would be around a ton and she seems to think of me as her herd, but I'm not sure. Next summer she'd be back to a situation where she could have a horse buddy for 3 months so it's not super long term, but still.

The pluses mostly outweigh that con in my mind but I'm still kinda on the line. The pluses are that I'd be doing all her care, no worries about her being fed enough or being left unblanketed, able to supplement her with beet pulp and actually have her get it everyday, she'd have shelter in whatever field she was in, I would know that she had water (last year the people she lives with now left the horses without water for at least 3 days becuase "the water kept freezing"), there are trails by my house that we could go riding on, and I would save TONS of gas money and probably completely pay for board with the money I'd save.

What do you think? I feel like it might be really good, but I dunno... The only issue is that I think I'd have to store her hay/beet pulp at my house and take it over to her 3 times a day but that's kinda a small sacrifice to have my baby girl in a good place, right? And that would be great exercise! Haha

Would you do it? I haven't talked to my neighbors yet but I have their number and I've called a few times and gotten no response, I'm basically waiting until a weekend when I can go up there cuz I feel like meeting face to face might be the best, yknow?

Wallaby 09-02-2010 10:37 PM

I got a hold of my neighbors tonight!! I have a meeting with them tomorrow to discuss the particulars of it all. :D And Lacey would be for sure living with the llamas...

Does that generally end well when horses and llamas are together? The llamas are pretty skittish but they've lived with horses before and the guy, the property owner, said that the only problem they have with horses is that they always end up being pushed off their food by the horse.

Solon 09-02-2010 11:34 PM

A couple of people I used to house sit for had horses and llamas. One of the llamas did not like the horse and would chase it from time to time, but nothing too bad.

There are a lot of horses that do just fine without horsey company or any company at all. With the llamas at least being there, the horse will probably be just fine. But you won't really know until you put her out there.

Has she seen a llama before? That was the other thing the horse/llama grouping had to get through!

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