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Lonannuniel 09-04-2010 12:26 AM

new stable & constantly running
My horse was just moved to a new stables, we made a point that he gets alot of food ( we need him a smidge heavier for the winter ), and i have been checking up on this, and he has been getting a good amount of food. however, the problem is that he will no stop running & walking the fence. he is currently in quarintine. anyway, its near the end of his 2 weeks, and he is not thin, just very slim. throughout this whole thing, i really didn't want to do much work, if he was running all day, i was always worried about riding that night. anyway, now his muscles are a bit weaker, and i was just wondering what the healthiest plan of action is from here, should i not ride at all until he settles down, or....?

[ sorry if this is in the wrong section...]

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