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MizThree 02-25-2008 11:58 PM

MizThree & Blue
I'm not very great at these blog things (keeping up with them), but this is different, right?

Today was a different day. After feeding Blue this morning and getting a huggle, I went off to work. About an hour later, I get a call from my babysitter, saying that Blue had jumped the fence, because the moose had walked into the front yard and it scared her really badly!

So, I suffered through a few hours until lunch, hoping that my sitter would be able to find Blue and get her at least tied up!

I rushed home (after buying some moth balls and strong smelling soap), to find out that my sitter had gotten her, but the latch didn't stay latched and she was "missing" again.

I checked the length of the whole fence to make sure she hadn't broken through somewhere, and nothing was broken, yup, she sure did jump the darn 4 1/2 foot tall fence!

It wasn't hard to find her, though. She usually goes 1 of two places in the neighborhood. Either down a bit to see Sky Hawk, or down a bit further to see Tux and Danny...all three geldings. Sure enough she was cozying up to Danny! But she came to me right away, as if she was saying "Oh gosh, mama, so glad to see you, those darn moose scared me real bad".

I brought her home and put her back in her area. She was happy, though I felt she was a little apprehensive about the recent moose happenings. I had to go back to work.

So, a while later, I get home and go out to feed her, she still is acting a little spooky, but not bad. Just seems really glad to see me. I feed her, and talk to her, and pet her a while.

Meanwhile...the kids are making "stink bombs" in the kitchen. We tied Zest and moth balls in cheese cloth. Then we geared up for the cold and wind and went out to attach these smelly things to the trees all around the pasture and stable yard.

We got several up before it got too dark and we got too cold to do any more tonight. We're going to put more up tomorrow.

HOPEFULLY, these things will work to keep the moose away from our property and keep them from scareing the heck out of Blue!

I'm just so afraid that she'll slip, or break through the fencing and hurt herself...or get out and go somewhere unexpeced and we can't find her.

It's only Monday and I can't wait for the weekend to play with her again! :lol:

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