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dressagexlee 09-05-2010 03:16 PM

New Video (Sσmε Sαy ~˜) - With Funny Bonus Footage!
All of this footage is from Tuesday and Thursday. We've been cleaning up the acerage before fall really sets in (and all those trees drop their leaves!) and winter soon after. My sister took Rose through the ditch (which is about a furlong to the next driveway) for the first time in a few weeks and Toby dealt with it surprizingly well - he only cantered and trotted about in a couple of circles for a short bit.
Bonus footage starts at about 3:09, and it's shows some of the funny moments that I caught on video. They fished an empty bucket that was lying near the fence and had to check it out. They also like to play with the crop, but Otis managed to ruin it today...

I don't really like this video as much as my previous, but I was relistening to a bunch of my old favourite bands and had to use this song. Aaand, also, a nice Finnish punk song by one of my new favourites (which probably inappropriate, lyric wise - I haven't bothered to translate or find a translation. But if it's by Kylähullut...).

Here's the YouTube description, which explains what's going on a little further:

Just hanging aroung the horses with the camera again, and also with Tucker, my Jack Russell. Paige (halfemptysmile) also rode Rose through the ditches after a bit of walk-trot (the rain make the grass slick, so no cantering), and Toby trotted himself out a little bit. He's always been extremely herd-bound, but he's been getting a lot better about dealing with it - he still has to give everyone a once-over when they return, though!
They were all being a bit standoffish today. Toby was a little worried and antsy, and Rose was being a bit of a prima donna on the ground and under saddle. Otis still found my chain and belt to chew and try to ruin, as well as roll in the dirt, so I guess he was rather ordinary.
There is also some bonus footage of the funny stuff I caught.
As you can see, I gave them a whip to play with, and Piro-pon ripped the top off. Oh, well, I couldn't ride with it anyway - too heavy.

[You're listening to Some Say by Sum 41 (an old favourite of mine!) and Aika by Kylähullut.] *FOR ENTERTAINMENT/EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. NO PROFIT IS BEING MADE FROM ANY OF THE CONTENT.*

Gillian 09-05-2010 04:07 PM

Love your videos! :D

Solon 09-05-2010 06:26 PM

That's a cool dog! I really like the effects and you picked the right music. So many people pick the wrong music. Well done!

dressagexlee 09-05-2010 07:34 PM

Thank you so much, both of you!


Originally Posted by Solon (Post 739591)
That's a cool dog! I really like the effects and you picked the right music. So many people pick the wrong music. Well done!

Most of the footage is actually raw, with a little bit of contrast/saturation editing - I like using simple effects since you can actually see what's going on in the video, hahah.

Solon 09-05-2010 07:35 PM

What is the story about the black horse? Me likey!

dressagexlee 09-05-2010 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by Solon (Post 739646)
What is the story about the black horse? Me likey!

Toby is his name, and he a morgan cross. We bought him as a green horse six years ago from the barn my sister was riding at. He was a good hunter prospect and had some issues to work through - water fears and such, but nothing serious. Unfortunately, when my sister started Pony Club, we crossed paths with a trainer who was non-empathetic with horses and dishonest with clients. As inexperienced horse people, we watched Toby get pushed out of his comfort zone, pushed to jump higher and higher, and pushed to obey and respect people that didn't deserve it. It was one particularily difficult day when the trainer got on, and, without even walking a few steps, began beating him.
It was after that when Toby really snapped and developed problems with chronic rearing and bucking, and a complete distrust in people. So we decided to throw him out to pasture for a year and start again.

Five years later, and he's a very confident horse. We're able to groom him, lead him, treat wounds, and basically the whole lot with ground manners. He still has lingering fears of trailering (he reared up and got stuck in a manger while being loaded, and hasn't trusted the trailer since) and water/spray bottles, but these are things that are being worked through slowly, like everything else has been. He still has moderate seperation anxiety and weariness of strangers, but we're proud of the progress he's made. We've been teaching him to lunge again and we're thinking of riding him in the Spring if all goes well.

We like to brag about him being a very easy keeper, a gentle giant, and probably the most well behaved of the three (surprisingly!). I hope that he continues to improve - he's our resident fatty and I'm not sure we'll ever have the heart to sell him!

Solon 09-05-2010 08:10 PM

Oh wow. Poor horse. Can't blame him for putting his hoof down. He's sure a sweet looking horse. Good for you working through everything.

dressagexlee 09-05-2010 08:17 PM

I can't blame him either. Or any horse, I can't blame any of them.
My sister can take ninety percent of the credit for working with him. So many years of work, even after she was put through so much trauma in watching him slip away.

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