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ender 09-05-2010 09:05 PM

Gaited Saddlebred...can you tell by pedigree?
I had someone tell me that you can tell by the pedigree of an American Saddlebred whether they are gaited or not. I didn't know this, although recognized that some saddlebreds gait, where others do not.

Can you tell whether my mare is gaited?

Harlems Cloud Nine Saddlebred

Anything else you can tell from her pedigree?

julia1986 09-06-2010 04:45 PM

I would say from looking at bloodlines you can tell possibly what you may see later in a foal in their show career. I would have to guess that the horse you have is either pleasure, park or three gaited from it's lines. Both sides have produced some nice gaited horses as well as three gaited horses. In the end, it's what the horse can actually do in training, not what it was potentially bred to do. I have never seen a Saddlebred amble on their own either, they have to be taught how to slow gait & rack even though it is in their breeding.

BriarwoodStables 09-19-2010 03:05 PM

Yes, I have some Globetrotter horses, Some made great 5 gaited horses and sme didnt!!! Others shwed great Show Pleasure and Country Pleasure!! All made it to Louisville!!!!

CloudsMystique 09-23-2010 04:34 PM

The only way you can tell if a horse is gaited is by watching it move. Do you have a video? A picture might work, too.

I definitely wouldn't say he's bred to gait, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's not.

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