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kaleebreann 09-06-2010 12:15 AM

New from Washington!! hey
Hey everyone, my name is Kalee. I live in Washington and just graduated from high school. I have two horses Pie and Peppy. My mare is a 15 yr old appendix. She was previously trained in 2nd level dressage and jumping 5 ft, but then her old owners decided to retrain her in barrels:shock:. Anyway so now we have problems goin into the show ring since she goes psycho. Peppy is a 14 yr old foundation quarter horse. He was trained all the way through reining, and has had a couple years of english. A while ago his owners sent him off to a stable to get worked and sold, but when they came to check on him he was completely emaciated. So they sent him back to the man who originally trained him, then he went to my bf's families. His aunt and uncle used to own him before they gave him to me. They couldnt keep weight on him because he constantly was cribbing, has major allergy problems (sweet itch etc), and didn't eat enough before the other horses finished their meal. He is low man in the herd and cribbed too much in between bites. Anyway i got him back to full weight, and started riding him. After only four rides i took him to a schooling show. But then he got put on the back burner trying to get Pie ready for fair. But he is back in training. I want to show him in reining this show season. I had my bf's sis help me learn his cues because i was having a hard time riding him. But we are good to go now, and i just got to get him in shape. As for Pie i will just be doing dressage shows with her so hopefully she relaxes a ton. She has always been hyped up, from people running her, jumping, or barrel racing. My goal is to be able to jump her at shows calmly. She is so calm all the time, wherever i take her. But it wasn't easy getting her to that point. anyway i am talking to much.

thanks for reading. sorry for any misspellings, i didn't reread what i wrote. How do you post pics? i would love to show off my ponies.

drafts4ever 09-06-2010 01:41 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum! Where in Washington are you? I have two horses, a Clydesdale mare and a Belgian Gelding. Nice to meet you! Maybe if you're close in Washington we could get together and ride.

kaleebreann 09-06-2010 11:36 AM

I live in the gig harbor area. haha your horses would make mine look like shetlands lol. I love drafts, they are so sweet.

SweetiePie 09-08-2010 01:49 AM

Troopers Sweetie Pie
Kaylee, my husband and I bred your horse - she's a bit over 15 years old, though. I have been doing periodic searches of the AQHA database to see if her registration had been transferred for YEARS now. Finally did a Google search of her name, and your photobucket pics came up - I am sooooo happy she's OK and has someone who loves her! This was a very special mare :)

We still have Sweetie's older full brother, our senior stallion Poco Por Mi Amante (Pokey to his friends) who is 20 years young this year.

Would really enjoy hearing from you and hearing what you know of her years between my losing track and now. Please feel free to PM me.


kaleebreann 09-08-2010 12:23 PM

Thats awesome!! its very nice to meet you. You bred a very wonderful, talented, and sweet mare. I love her with all my heart. She is such a pleasure to ride and jump. She is very happy with me, and loved being back in work. The mineers bred her if you didn't know. And i don't have the papers yet or else i would have transfered them. Do you have them?

SweetiePie 09-08-2010 12:53 PM

Hi Kaylee!

I am so glad you have responded!

I have no clue who "the mineers" are, but they are not her breeders. We, Rick and Kate Triplett, bred your mare, raised her and then we sold her to Barbara Walterick of Shelton on APril 12, 1997 - Barb transferred her (according to AQHA) on May 8, 1997. Barb then sold her on to "a guy who will take her to work cattle" and I could never get his contact info, nothing she gave me was traceable. There have been no other ownership records per AQHA since then, soooo - whoever you got her from obviously knew her registered name, but they didn't give you her papers OR even her correct age, so I can say they were not entirely truthful with you.

Sweetie was foaled May 2 1993, her sire is Willy Jumpup, her dam was our grand old Trooper Seven daughter Miss Super Trooper. We showed Sweetie as a yearling and a two year old in sporthorse in-hand classes. Barb wanted her to ride and to breed for Aztecas. The Azteca registry then changed their rules, disallowing ANY TB blood in the QH part of their breeding program (but they allow Doc Bar, go figure), so Barb dumped Sweetie. Been looking for my baby girl ever since :) and I am ecstatic to know she's safe and healthy and in a good home!

Kaylee, since I now have enough posts to qualify, I am going to PM you and we can continue this in private (real) emails.


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