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twogeldings 09-06-2010 03:10 PM

Time of seeding, or time of planting seedling?
Made a bet with my dad, ended in an argument :roll:

I'm talking Aquaponics here, don't have time to explain it all though.

I said that growing a head of lettuce would take six to eight weeks, from the time of planting to the time you can eat it..

He said it only takes four weeks. What he forgot to mention was that HE considered was when you plant the seedling into the big system.

In aquaponics, you essentially plant the seed into a small part of the system, in a grow cup, then just move it to your beds or raft, whatever you prefer. At least according to 'The video he went off of'.

-sigh- Whats your opinion? I'm off to clean the house with a fine-tooth comb (figuratively) to keep up my end of the bet. What kinda ticks me off is that he's so wrapped up in his ****ed opinion, he apparently is unable to see my point of view. If he does, he just twists it in such a way to make himself 100% right. Then he gets pissy because I got pissy because I couldn't get my ****ed opinion in right, left or sideways!
I might as well said "I bet it's not going to rain tomorrow". Then if it rains in Texas, I was wrong. Arg.

Next time he can stuff his 'opinion' right up where the sun don't shine, then bend over and kiss my fanny. Never making a bet with this man ever again. Ever.

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