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EveningShadows 09-08-2010 01:37 AM

Critique my Flashy Appaloosa Colt!
Ransom is a 16 month old Appaloosa stud colt out of Bonds Me Honey and by Skipper Supreme. I bought him July 23, 2010 and couldn't ask for a more willing and docile colt! I don't have the *best* confo shots, but I think these will give you an overall view...curious to hear any and all feedback! On conformation, weight, and what discipline he'd be suited for as far as breeding and confo. He's currently getting roughly 1lb (dry weight) of beet pulp, 2 lbs Mare & Yearling complete feed, and 2lbs of alfalfa pellets - twice a day. Going to be cutting back his alfalfa pellets since we switched his hay to a higher alfalfa content...

I have 2 other horses, both grade mares, Ransom is my first registerable foal (unsure of his color to put on papers...any ideas welcome!) I've owned and bred kid's ponies for 8 years, now looking into showing and competing! Have a couple gymkhana rodeo events under my belt and loved them! I'd love for him to break out as a 4 year old barrel contender... :) Appointment for the vet to come geld him is September 13, weather pending...considered keeping him stallion but we don't have the facility to keep him adequately and his bloodlines weren't that impressive...

So tell me what you think!

Ransom's Sire - Skipper Supreme

Ransom's Dam - Bonds Me Honey

Ransom before I bought him


Cowhocked from never having his feet trimmed but with a good farrier I'm working on correcting 2 collapsed heels...

So far, so good!

Making friends with my mom's Miniature gelding the day we brought him home!

He resembles a bay, but I'm not convinced...

Clearly NOT black...dark, but not black.

His barn name where I bought him called him Cherokee - cute, but I like Ransom better!

Ransom had rather cramped living space before, but now he's enjoying his run around time!!!



LOVE his movement...

Oh Hai!

So now that you've seen my boy, let me know what you think of him! Thanks in advance to any replies!

PintoTess 09-08-2010 08:30 PM

he is a nice colt but looks a other than that he looks good...i think he would suit halter showing :P...did you say he was cow hocked? that would be passes onto any foals as it is a conformation fault....but he is a very good looking coly otherwise :) oh and he looks like he is kind of put together downhill if you understand what i mean...and his back looks a little short...he has a nice neck and head though :P

Solon 09-08-2010 08:35 PM

Good idea on gelding him. Keep in mind, he's young. He's not going to look good at this age and he's got filling out to do.

His neck and head don't look like they belong on his body. He does look pretty chunky. He's got a short back and weak looking neck.

As he changes those things will probably change too, but you are right, his parents don't have very impressive conformation.

I do like his coloring.

EveningShadows 09-08-2010 11:54 PM

Hahaha point taken, was wondering if I should cut back on his feed! I just don't want him thin before gelding. Once gelded, he'll get a month to heal in the 1 acre paddock, then out in the 8 acre pasture with my mares.

He was kept in a stall full time until he was 5-6 months old, then very limited outside time with another colt through last winter, been outside 24/7 since May in a small paddock, and now in a round pen with daily turnout in the 1 acre paddock. Take a peek back at the pictures and let me know if you see something off with his hind left as well...noticed it after I bought him (couldn't really touch him before...), I think it resembles a thoroughpin. Soft lump, no heat, no lameness, squishy...having the vet do a lameness exam before she geld's him. Anyway, I'm gradually increasing his time in the paddock to wean him onto grass, he's ALWAYS been on hay and grain. With the feeds I have him on now, would you say half that amount at each feeding would be good? I know gelding and integration with the mares will be stressful and he'll drop a bit of weight...not worried about him being chubby right now. Plus -50 winter is right around the corner!

Any thoughts on what color he is? The lady that sold him to me says he's bay...but those legs have me stumped. His mane and tail have red all throughout them...his ears aren't tipped black either. But I know Appaloosa's are known for having odd colors...any chance he's just a faded liver chestnut? His shoulder and face have the same darker color as his legs...might just get him color tested!

Thanks for the replies, always appreciated!

lilruffian 09-09-2010 12:00 AM

I'll say this i am not typically an Appy fan, but every now & then i spot one who catches my eye & i think your boy is gorgeous! :) He's got some mean hindquarters on him as well! Good for you ;)

KANSAS_TWISTER 09-09-2010 12:20 AM

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would kill for a appy like that!!!! bought one this winter and was a little disapointed when she shedded out

Deerly 09-09-2010 01:35 AM

He's very cute! Much better looking than either of his parents in just about every respect - especially in coloring! Much prettier! Good idea to geld him, I can't think of one good reason not to.

He's cute and looks like he has lots of personality! I love those running around happy shots!

EveningShadows 09-09-2010 01:38 AM

Thanks! I like his butt too...he seems a well rounded yearling, his neck will catch up. I know this is the ugly duckling phase! LOL He's fairly short atm though, hoping he hits at least 14.2 as a 2 year old. Not planning to back him til 2 1/2 or 3...see how he's doing with everything else first!

And that varnish roan is adorable! I love the blanketing she has! Way too cute...

Alwaysbehind 09-09-2010 07:07 AM

The lump at his hock I assume is what you are mentioning? It is interesting. Hopefully the vet will be able to figure out what it is.

He looks to be the same base color as my mare and she is registered as chestnut/sorrel. (Her mane is not black at all. I know it looks darker in this photo but it certainly is not black.)

Love his blanket. Conformation wise I have to agree with Solon.

VelvetsAB 09-09-2010 08:02 AM

He is a good lookin fella! I dont think he is fat because you can see his ribs...looks more like a haygut type of thing, but I could be wrong.

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