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BarrelRacer86 09-08-2010 06:30 PM

Skinny Horse and Uncaring Owner(rant)
So there's these two girls at my barn they used to free lease someone else's horses when I moved there. and I got to know them and become friend's with them, and after a couple years they decided they wanted their own horses (the younger one really liked hers but she was getting to big for it) The younger one I've helped find a horse, that didn't work out (compete spaz at shows) then sell it, and sold her one of my horses recently. They are getting along very well and doing just fine, she even paid to put some shoes on her herslef. But my concern is the older girl She got bucked off her leased horse at a show and basically just sent him back (granted he did throw her into a fence). Then after some months she decided she wanted to get back into it, So some internet searches led us to a OTTB recue basically, well just a woman who takes in OTTB and other horses to find new homes for. But we found a Tb that had been a pony horse for the past 3 yrs, he was extremly laid back and lazy. He was skinny, but not horribaly skinny. Either way the girl came out and rode him for about 2 weeks then quit, Her dad paid my mom to ride him for awahile and she worked with his cantering and everything. Still an extremly lazy lazy horse. But the girl came back and rode him, tried to canter once he threw his head some I guess and she quit. so she only trotted him. And now it's been months since she's cam out regularly. Her sister and dad still come out weekly, and her dad gets the tb out and walks him around. But since then he sprained his suspensianary (sp?) tendon and was on stall rest for a month he still only gets walks. and recently he had some sort of foot issues. But the main part other than having nothing done with him, is he somehow lost more weight being in the stall, he looks terriable. His whole back bone is visiable. and he gets 2 scoops and 2 flakes of hay twice a day. But no supplements -.- they bought corn oil once then it ran out and never bought more, then ride brand, same thing. No one can stress enough to the dad that he needs regular fat supplements, and the girl that actaully owns him doesn't seem to care enough to buy it herself. Now the girl has told me she wants to throw herself back into horses and next year sell him after he has basic training down and MAYBE find another horse like a QH. haven;t seen her out since then -.- Either way I feel very sorry for this poor horse (everyone does) but nobody knows what to do. And really you'd think he'd gain some weight by now? he does get feed good grain daily, and hay. it's been almost a year....

congrats to anyone who made it this far.

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