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Delfina 09-09-2010 02:59 PM

Breeches for small kids?
I just bought Mountain Horse Rimfrost boots for my 6yr old (got them brand new for $35!! :D) so now I need to find her breeches. Are the girls sizes the same as regular pant sizes? She currently wears a girls size 7, so would I order her a size 8 since there are no odd sizes? I am thinking a lil big would be good since this child is permanently cold so she'll be wearing anotherlayer under them.

We have ONE English tack shop around here and they don't stock children's sizes, so I can't have her go try anything on. :?

JLadder 09-09-2010 03:11 PM

Actually little girls do not wear tall boots. I didn't start wearing them until i was like 11. If she really wants them I recommend tailored sportsmans. They are not always within ones price range but they are very nice! If you don't want to spend much money here are a few links Dover Saddlery | Children's Tuff Rider™ Riding Breeches.
Dover Saddlery - Quality English Horse Tack & Horse Supplies for the Equestrian.
Dover Saddlery | Children's Riding Sport Pull-On Riding Breeches.

Hope that helps you :)

Bethy 09-09-2010 03:22 PM

In all actuallity my favorite brand of breeches is Tuff Rider or sticky seat (who I dont think make kids sizes)....I would school in them every day if possible. they have stretchy ones incase you arent too sure of the sizing.

Also, for little kids i alway reccoment paddock boots and soft halfchaps if they want to look like a big rider! They make velcrow half chaps which rock for the growing kid!

The Most important gear though, is the helmet!!! Make sure the helmet fits correctly and is properly rated! HB Riding is supposed to be fun, not scary!

Cobalt 09-09-2010 10:20 PM

My little girl is 6, wears a 6 in pants, and her tuff rider schoolers are a size 6. So at least for that brand, they run true to size. I would say an 8 would be the way to go since there are no half sizes!

Delfina 09-10-2010 12:04 AM

Ok, good to know! I am looking at the tuff riders since they are inexpensive and knowing my child, she'll be off running through the turnout or romping with the resident dogs/chickens/cats at the barn as soon as her lesson is over, with zero regard for how filthy she's getting. I'll order her a size 8.

We're trying tall boots for her to give her some extra support as she has defects in both legs. Stumbling across winter tall boots in her size for dirt cheap was perfect since if they don't work out, she can go back to paddock boots and I didn't spend a fortune.

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