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Wallaby 09-10-2010 01:17 AM

So, as you may know, Lacey is moving to my neighbor's house this weekend (there will be tons of pictures, trust me!) and I'm trying to get everything figured out.

My current wonderment is that the area she's moving to is majorly hill-y. Like, there are about two places in that entire 3 acre field that are flat. Her current living situation is really pretty flat, of course there are a few small dips and gentle hills but nothing as extreme as where she's moving to. So, I'm expecting her to be a little tired (however, maybe she'll be totally fine since she is really pretty fit...) next week as she adjusts to the change in the work she has to do to just get around her pasture, and with that I'm wondering if I should expect to not ride her at all. She's extremely stoic about pain so I really probably won't know if she's sore and I don't want to ride her if she's sore, but I also don't want to let her have an unnecessary week off cuz I'd like to introduce her to all the trails and such before the rain really sets in and makes it dangerous for her to spook badly (she generally spooks like crazy the first time on a new trail but is totally fine after that).

What would you do? Obviously, if she seems uncomfortable at all, I'll maybe just do some ground work but since she is so stoic, her version of uncomfortable is probably another horse's extreme pain.

Also, would it be advisable to walk the fence line with her before I turn her loose after she gets off the trailer? She's going to probably be super excited (ie, barely under control) so I would prefer to just let her go, but at the same time I don't want her to injure herself running aorund like crazy without any idea of boundaries... I assume I probably should walk the fence line with her?

Thanks! :)

Wallaby 09-10-2010 05:07 PM

I thought of another question to add: would it be better to tire her out (free lunge her and maybe ride) before I trailer her over so maybe she'll have less energy to run around like crazy, OR should I just let her be full of it? I'm worried that she might be toooo full of it since she hasn't worked all week so she's a little fresh, but then, if she's tired, she's more likely to make a misstep and possibly hurt herself as she runs around, right?
I'm sure she's going to do a little running around, when we moved her to camp at the beginning of the summer she literally ran until she couldn't anymore. She was cantering around for no less than two hours (complete with bucking, haha), but that was on flat ground...

I guess I'm just getting nervous. :P

IslandWave 09-10-2010 10:26 PM

How long will the trip be from where she is to your neighbor's? I wouldn't work her too hard if the trailer ride is going to be long. Otherwise, a light lunging beforehand wouldn't hurt.

As long as the fence is very visible, I wouldn't worry about it. However, if it's a thin wire strand, I'd walk the fence line first. I don't really think that she'll be very sore from the hills. I mean most horses I know don't run regularly around their pasture (unless they are stallions or young horses) enough to get tired or sore. They just graze and walk to the best grass or to drink water. :P

smrobs 09-10-2010 10:58 PM

I wouldn't worry at all about the terrain, if she can withstand being ridden without getting sore, then a few hills certainly aren't going to make a difference. If it was me, I would go ahead and start riding her just as soon as you have time after you get her home. As for just turning her loose, that depends on the visibility of the fence, like IW said. If it is really visible from quite a distance, then I would just turn her loose and be done with it, but if it is pretty camouflaged until you get right there too it, then it wouldn't hurt to walk it if you expect her to run around and let off energy.

I know it's hard not to worry, but try not to. Lacey is a sensible girl and I'm sure she'll take good care of herself.

corinowalk 09-10-2010 10:58 PM

I think she will be just fine. They adapt pretty fast and considering shes in good shape, she should adapt to those hills without a problem. I would turn her loose in her pasture and let her have the run of it...but don't plan on going anywhere until she settles down. Just sit there, bring a book and keep an eye on her. Once she starts calming down, give her a pile of hay and a bucket of water and let her chill.

So glad to hear this is all working out for you!

riccil0ve 09-11-2010 05:11 AM

As everyone else said, she'll be fine. Unless she really goes nuts galloping around the pasture, she shouldn't need more than a day or two off. It's a personal preference to give at least 24 hours in a new place before putting them work, longer if they seem to be taking it particularly hard. It's also a personal preference to walk the fence line, and show them the water tub and hay rack if there is one. For the most part though, I'm pretty positive Lacey will be fine. =]

MaggiStar 09-11-2010 09:36 AM

If she is going out on her own first then she will be much calmer then if she was with another horse. id say domt just throw her out to the field take her off the trailer and wait a half hour or so till she settles then let her go

Wallaby 09-11-2010 10:43 AM

The thing is that, last time we moved her at least, she got SO excited that her friends weren't around and she seemed to feel that galloping right up to each fence line like a maniac, for hours, was gonna help them return. :lol:
I think maybe I'll lunge her a little (it's only going to be about a 15 minute trailer ride) and then see how she is when she gets off the trailer. She might pull her favorite trick that I like to call "make Wallaby worry that I'm going to be excited, then be totally chill in my new environment." Silly horse!

Maybe I'll hold on to her for the first few minutes off the trailer and show her where the water is (because it's in a weird place) and then let her go. I'm planning on sticking around for some time after she gets home, anyway, cuz we need lotsa pictures of this event, right? Haha

Thanks for all the suggestions and reassuring words! :)

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