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africanstardust 09-11-2010 08:14 AM

Groom after riding?
I looked it up both on the 'net and on the forums and got conflicting views...people at the stable I ride don't agree. So, I'm just curious; do you groom right after riding and the horse is super sweaty? And why? If you don't, what are your reasons for this?

Also, I know some people bathe/hose off their horses after riding, and some do a curry/brush thing again...what do you think is best, and why?

Thanks! :)

MaggiStar 09-11-2010 08:26 AM

Im lucky if i get time to groom at all these days!

you should groom after riding when thee horse is dry to remove sweat marks. If you had a very hard workout hosing is fine i wouldnt do it to often because it will strip the coat of oilds but every now and again is fine

Lunarflowermaiden 09-11-2010 08:27 AM

Depends on the weather and how sweaty the horse is.

If it is hot and they are sweaty, they either get sponged off or hosed off, then have the excess water scraped off with a sweat scraper.

If it is cold and they are only a little sweaty, then they just get a bit of a brushing to fluff up the hair and help them dry off faster.

sorelhorse 09-11-2010 11:07 AM

usually if its a warm day and hes super sweaty i will rinse him off, but not bathe him. on a colder day where he swaets i usually let it dry a bit just cause it easier. though it doesnt matter

Charis 09-11-2010 11:15 AM

You always want to turn the horse out in a condition where he is not liable to get sick. You want the horse to be cooled down properly before turnout. If it is cold out, it's paramount that he's dry and cool enough that he won't get a chill
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corinowalk 09-11-2010 11:24 AM

We sponge off sweat marks and dry em off in a stall. Were always on water ration here so hosing after every ride just isnt possible

smrobs 09-11-2010 11:31 AM

Wow, I must be a bad horsey mom. Very seldom do I ever do any kind of grooming after a ride. Sometimes, if it is really hot and they got really sweaty, I will give them a rinse but I just usually turn them out, sweat stains and all. Rolling is their way of grooming themselves.

MN Tigerstripes 09-11-2010 11:39 AM

I usually give them a quick once over and pick their hooves. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the ride.

africanstardust 09-11-2010 11:52 AM

Wow, interesting, so many different views lol...right now what I do is either just take him back to his stall, or if it's early enough in the evening/warm enough, I let him back to pasture so he can roll around in the sand. Of course, it's winter here and it's just now turning to summer, so maybe the routine will change and we'll add hosing. I think up until now it might just have been too cold.

MN, cool that you pick their hooves, makes sense...I think I'll start doing that after a ride.

VelvetsAB 09-11-2010 11:53 AM

My grandparents will just wipe off light sweatmarks with a towel and put them back in their stall unless they are super sweaty in the summer then we hose them down a bit, or sponge. At the barn I ride at we are supposed to brush them to get rid of the sweat marks.

smrobs--you arent a bad horsey mom....I've done that too. They are gonna go roll in the dirt anyways, so what difference does it make to groom them first? haha

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