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farmpony84 09-11-2010 06:46 PM

Saddle Issues
So... When Riley turned 3 he outgrew my HDR (I had ordered a wide - but when I traded it in, I realized it was a regular gullet). I traded it in for a wide M. Tollouse, the guy promised me Ri would not outgrow it... Well... He's a 4 year old now and I'm pretty sure he's outgrown it.

I am going to try to get my trainer to look at it, if I don't get him to her before the fair, I will get someone to look at it there. It's useable but I've noticed that, it's not the perfect fit. I love that saddle. I LOVE THAT SADDLE!

LOL.. so I'm wondering... do I trade it for an extra-wide M. Tolouse, or should I aim more for a Bates or a Collegiate with the interchangeable gullet system? I think I like the Collegiate but is it worth the extra grand?

Please weigh in on ideas/advice ect. I'm open to any brand of saddle but I don't think I have the money to have one made. A friend of mine just did that and I know it was several grand, her then 4 year old warmblood has since grown out of that one and she's on her next. Before that she had the Beval which she raved about....

suggestions would really help. PS - I just taped Riley to see what he weighs and he's right around 1100 lbs if that helps, he's not super tall, just around 16 hands by the tape. I need to get a measuring stick. Maybe husband will take me to tractor supply tonight. Thanks for any help.

Digby 09-14-2010 11:15 PM

Try contacting a saddle fitter. They are a god send! He can answer all your questions and make sure to ask them about future growth!

kitten_Val 09-15-2010 06:53 AM

What kind of saddle? CC?

Is he really wide? High withers? It's hard to advice anything without pics. :wink: Gullets won't help much if angle and panels don't fit him.

Tack Collector 09-16-2010 10:00 AM

He might be out of the Bates/Wintec/Collegiate, too. Generally, the XW gullet doesn't really fit much because if the horse is that wide up front, he's wide all the way bac and his back is too "table" for the curve of the Wintec/Bates. The new Wintec dressages are flatter (less rocker) but I have never seen one in person.

Thornhill or Duett might be the next step. Thorowgood saddles have really wide models, too.

I'm not on this board much. I just happened to drop in. I have a Photobucket album and there are pics of wide tree saddles in it. It's a public album so you can look. The Duett is sold. The other wide saddles I have are not for sale. But you can eyeball them, and /or take a protractor and figure out their angle and a wither tracing of your horse for his angle. And then tells you what to do with the pic and your tracing. Compare my wider saddles to the wide XW. I can add a pic of the Pro Jump with the blue MW in it. Basically, Bates idea of wide might be wide for a TB, but it's not warmblood or USA stock horse wide.

You can send a tracing to Duett and they'll tell your what fits.

farmpony84 09-16-2010 10:26 AM

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It's a close contact. I wonder what a saddle fitter costs? I'll see if I can get some good pix tonight. I think the pix with the english saddle are from early on in the season, he's broadened since then I think but he isn't HUGE or anything... Here is one of him just standing. His withers aren't real high... average I geuss?

kitten_Val 09-16-2010 11:09 AM

That's a perfect pic to judge, farmpony! :lol: Sorry, couldn't resist...

My saddle fitter (she's WONDERFUL, recommended to me by lots of people and is very well known and respected in area) charged me I believe $60 last month trying 7 saddles on 2 horses (however she lives 5 miles away, so it was a short drive). I think it's cheap (comparable to some other fitters I contacted). I also know one guy from VA recommended to me when I was looking for the saddle fitter. He's more expensive, but I've heard nice feedback about him. If you think saddle fitter is something you want to go with and you live close to DC area I'll be happy to PM you the names I know of.

Tack Collector 09-16-2010 01:28 PM

He looks like one of those brands that I mentioned. I think he'll be out of Wintec/Bates zone soon if he isn't already.

I have an obscure brand called Ashley & Clarke, and I have the Ayr with the Sherwood changable gullet tree. The seat runs small, imo, but only by about 1/2" There is an XW and an XXW that look like him. And the panels are flocked and can be adjusted. Google "Ashley & Clarke Ayr" and you'll find my thread on another forum. There are pics of the saddles in the Photobucket album, also.

I decided to just leave saddle pics there, because even the shops that sell them won't give you very much real information. Shipping costs really add up, and sometimes a good picture or two can immediately rule out something or make it a candidate for trail. Trumbull Mountain (online) is good about posting pics, but they don't sell Toulouse.

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