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SophieLee 09-12-2010 05:26 AM

New to lameness
So yesterday I took my 16.1 hh warmblood gelding to Pony Club, and just before the jumping lesson, the instructor said he was lame. I thought it was just his tripping and stumbling, but I soon noticed he did it alot.(the jumping arena is sand with stones, and he was wearing boots.) The instructor told me to go to flatwork, where it was softer, and so we did, and he was fine, until the instructor went one on one with me and we did hard stuff (he's a trickster and needed his daily sorting out) and he limped again. After that we took him home, and I felt his legs for ages, and felt heat, yes, but it felt...normal? I don't know, I am a n00b when it comes to lameness. Above the fetlock joint it felt gooey on the inside, i thnk that;s normal, as all other legs had it, and his hooves felt fine, allmost cold, and underneath the fetlock joint it was warmish, on both front legs. I trotted him up and he seemed to limp on his offside foreleg.
We left him to rest, and he was a bit sore today too, although it doesnt seem to be getting worse, or better.
There are many factors and reasons that this could've happened, but I reallly dont know what to do.
He is fed on lucerne chaff, lucerne, oaten chaff, sunflower seeds and a teeny bit handful of pony nuts, that we have been reducing, likewise the oaten chaff.
Erm, thanks :)

WickedNag 09-12-2010 08:43 AM

I would not keep working a lame horse. If you can't figure it out than you need to call a vet.

kitten_Val 09-12-2010 03:28 PM

He could of pull his leg, it can be abscess, anything. Did you check the bottom of the hoof he's lame on? With abscess the leg right above the hoof is warm on touch (that's what I could feel when my paint had one). I'd suggest to wait a day or 2 and if he's not getting better call the vet.

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