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Bethy 09-13-2010 12:03 PM

Halloween Show/Lucy's Comming out Show!...LOONG Story
At our farm we have a halloween show once a year, its a horse show witht he usual classes but has a twist! We/the horses can ware costumes and is a little more laid back than a normal horse show!

A history of my baby Lucy- (AKA Lucy Lohan!) Lucy was given to my friend and I after a local trainer got too sick to teach and her lesson horses got stuck in a box stall and not ridden. Eventually all of the horses, except Lucy, were getting out by other trainers and old students...but EVERYONE was afraid of the little jumper horse! Lucy became barn sour and was deemed useless to everyone but we felt bad and took her in.
For the first three months of me riding her she would take off in the canter (she is an OTTB), spin and buck in the ring, NEVER listen (I want left she wanted Right!) and was satan on the floor. (She tried to high-five me in the face once!)
But I would work her everyday till each and every bad habbit was broken! (Sooo...we had to ace her for the first few weeks of school...but now she is in detox and is doing great!! Thus the Lohan name!)

I have busted my butt (litterally) with this horse and I think she is ready for a nice easy "At home" tester show!! We are going to do some flats and possibly Crossrails (something simple easy and tricks her into thinking she is her old jumper self!)

But since her nickname at the barn is LUCYfer I was thinking about making her an angel!!!

Does anyone have any good costume ideas for her that wouldnt cause too much destraction for her at the "Show". She isnt easily pissed off with things since I like to style her hair and the kids play with her (dont ride!) at pony camp... I was thinking me do somehting ellaborate on my side and something simple with her, I am a redneck who rides english...I can ride in anything!!

Sorry for the long rant!!!

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