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Bubba507 09-13-2010 07:06 PM

COPD or Seasonal allergies?
I'm confused.... I recently bought a horse with what I was told was seasonal allergies. I have been reading the forums on here,(as well as other resources) and now I think that it may be COPD. How can you tell the differance? The previous owner said that he was fine until June when the first hay was cut(the horse was pastured on the hay field where they cut and baled the hay) He said that up until then the horse had no problems. The vet gave him steroid shot and Albuteral to administer orally daily. She said that he had an allergy to grass, I put him in a paddock of mostly dirt, and he seems to do worse than when I let him out to pasture. He belly breaths, and weezes, and sometimes coughs. I have called the vet. and am waiting for a return call to ask if something else can be done for him. After doing some reasurch I am giving him cough free, which does help the cough, as well as MSM (I just started giving him that so I don't know if it will help or not) along with the Albuteral ( I continue giving albuteral because that's what the vet said to do, but I don't think it is helping him at all) I have call the vet and am waiting for her to call back, and of course will follow her instructions on what to do, but was just wondering the differance in COPD and seasonal allergies, as I have never had a horse with these issues up until now.


tealamutt 09-13-2010 09:00 PM

Did you have a pre-purchase examination performed by the vet? There is some difference between COPD and allergies however chronic inflammation from allergies can lead to the development of COPD.

I'm just a bit confused by your post- did the previous owner give you the history on the horse or has this horse been seen by your vet since you bought him?

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