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Katafran 09-15-2010 03:24 PM

Barn Drama Breaks my Heart
I'm sure some of you remember my earlier post about the tragedy at the barn, which of course has now been followed by drama. If not, the short of it is that my horse chased a new horse who then ran into a third horse and broke her back. The new horse then had to be put down.

Cathy, Mel's owner has been nothing but kind and wonderful to us. She has taken us up on our offers to ride our guys and loves on Norman and has really just been incredibly sweet to us. I just received a vessel I had commissioned using Mel's hair from and it is simply stunning. Deborah Saho did a phenomenal job and was a joy to work with. She carved Mel's name in the bottom and used hair that I salvaged from Mel's brushes. I am super excited to give it to her tomorrow.

My Barn owner went through quite the funk where she hid from everyone, and stopped cleaning stalls regularly (I guess it's hard to avoid boarders and do your job). My husband and I are moving back to Austin in three months, so we figure we will just batten down the hatches and clean our own stall for a while. Norman is at least by himself and getting fed, we figure.

Then this past weekend she went to dinner with another boarder who called us afterward. She said she was concerned because Kelly, our BO told her (after a few beers) that Norman was a horse killer and that he's going to kill a person. She then went on to say that she brings a whip with her whenever she feeds him now, and how we just don't know what a favor she's doing us by letting us stay on her property.

I asked her if she was ok keeping Norman at her stables yesterday and she said she was perfectly fine with it. I asked if he'd been aggressive towards her at all and she said no. I asked her why she carried a whip to feed him and she told me she didn't and, "Why would you even think that?" I would like to think it was the alcohol talking, but I know alcohol doesn't speak. This woman just can't cope with her own guilt. Bah.

Needless to say we've decided to move them to Austin early and have already given her notice. The barn we are going to has had them before and knows Norman is aggressive and will place him in a paddock by himself. She asked why in the world we were leaving and said that she loved our ponies.

horseluver2435 09-15-2010 04:46 PM

I'm sorry to hear that. I guess it's good you're getting out of there though. Good luck at the new barn! (Or semi-new, since you said you've been there before.) Drama is the worst.

A knack for horses 09-15-2010 04:57 PM

Barn drama sucks! Maybe your BO was trying to make it look like this wasn't her fault to the other boarder and then turning around and trying to kiss up to you so you don't turn on her? (Though it is completely her fault, since you asked her to keep your horse separate) That sounds like the most logical explination to me.

Glad to hear you are moving to a new barn and RIP Mel.

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