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Bubba507 09-16-2010 01:12 PM

Opinions on Senior feed or supplements?
I feed my horses the premixed pelleted feed (12%) they are turned out to pasture 24/7 and only stalled during feeding time, and I keep mineral blocks for them at all times. I do have a 21 yr. gelding and a 3 yr. Thouroughbred mare(2 of the 5 horses ) that may need to either have a suppelment or higher quality feed. The mare has chipped and cracked hoofs ( the people I got her from did their "own trimmings" and basically didn't know what they were doing so she has been under my farriers care since I got her and is making some improvement) plus her coat isn't the shiniest of them all, but much better since I've gotten her and have her on a deworming schedule.
The gelding has dry flaky spots( it's not rain rot or anything like that, the vet. checked him out and she said older horses tend to do that) other than that he's fine. My question is, based on opinons, should I just change all the horses to a high quality Senior feed(I've heard that some pepole give all their horses Senior feed, not just the older horses) or should I keep them on what they are on (plus of course free pature and mineral block) and give them an All in one Supplement to address each of their needs? All opinions are appreciated!!

farmpony84 09-16-2010 01:42 PM

If it were me, I would give the 21 year old the senior feed. I know a lot of people that don't, they just feed the same stuff they give the rest of their herd. I give my older guy the Triple Crowne Senior. I really like it. The only "supplement" I give is sandclear and on occassion (if she's being used) mare magic for my witchy mare....

trailqueen 09-16-2010 01:54 PM

i would not recomend the same feed for all 5 horses. if the other 3 are doing fine on their current feed leave it alone. if your old horse chews and digests ok i would try him and your TB mare on Triple Crown Complete. it's 11% protein but 10% fat. if he needs a senior feed try Triple Crown Senior. My 15yo 16.2 hh TWH mare had gotten hard to keep up in the last couple years. this past winter i tried 3 other brand name senior feeds for 1mo each with little noticable difference. then I tried the triple crown. what an improvement! at a local show early in the year the judge asked if this was my old mare. when I said it was she said I sure had her looking good and gave us 3rd place in halter over 2 younger horses. I WAS SO PROUD. the senior feed is 14 or 15% protein and my mare got a little hot so i switched to the complete. the fat content is the same and gives them a nice coat. before i was mixing a weight gain supplement, red cell and corn oil with her feed. my husband said I cooked more for her than I did for him (well maybe). Now I just feed and go. so simple. Give it a try.

Bubba507 09-16-2010 09:44 PM

I think you are both right, it probably wouldn't hurt my old guy to be on a better grade feed. In your experience, will the Triple Crown help with his dry spots, as well as my TB with her hoofs? I wasn't sure if they both needed a supplement for joint, coat and hoofs on top of a better feed. I do not show just pleasure trail ride, but sure would love to see a shiny glow to them LOL They are all easy keepers, and don't need weight gain, and my TB is still young and a bit spunky, so the Triple Crown sounds the best for them both. If you do think a supplement would do along with it, which one would you recommend? I've reasurched alot and Show Glo and Grand Complete sound like goods ones, but I've never used an Alll In One before, so I don't know. Thanks a bunch for your replies!!

Bubba507 09-17-2010 06:35 PM

Ok, so I went to the feed store to get Triple Crown Complete, but they do not carry Triple Crown, so I asked one of the guys what would be just as good, and he said Purina Strategy professional formula GX, so that's what I bought, any thoughts on this brand?

trailqueen 09-17-2010 09:56 PM

OK, I pulled up the stats on both feeds. The purina feed has 14% protein and only 6% fat. The first feeds I tried on my mare all had 6% fat and I didn't see much improvement. The Triple Crown feeds, both senior and complete have 10% fat. The other minerals and vitimans were close to the same. I don't know where you live in Ga. but pulled up dealers for Nutrena feeds in Ga. and found several sites.

luvs2ride1979 09-17-2010 11:36 PM

I would just add Flax to their diet and MSM. Both help with feet and skin issues, and give a shiney coat. My local feed store has ground flax from ADM for only $30 for 20 lbs. I give 1/2 cup a day for my hard keepers or hard workers. You can feed up to 2 cups a day. MSM is an anti-inflamatory that's good for older horses, but has also shown to be helpful for horses that have poor feet and skin issues. I give 10g a day to my horses with "issues" and it seems to be helping. It's affordable to give as well. can make you a custom blend if you only want to feed one thing. Their flax is pricey, but it's human grade and they do the custom mixing for no extra charge. Have them add 10g of MSM per-4oz serving of flax (1 cup). I'd also have them add some probiotics as well, just for good measure.

Bubba507 09-18-2010 10:04 AM

I went to TS, but I think there is a little Feed and Seed store across town, I will look them up and call and see if they carry it. I think I saw Nutrena brands at TS, but couldn't find anything that said "Triple crown". ( I looked at every bag of feed they had and was there over 45 min! LOL) Anyways, I bought 4 bags of the purina stragety already, so I guess I will have to try that one out for now, but if I don't see any improvement, I will go with Triple crown (if Feed and Seed carry it) Thanks trailqueen, you've been most helpful!!!:D

Bubba507 09-18-2010 10:17 AM

I am giving the MSM to my older guy, and another horse that I have for their joints(2 scoops a day) But, after posting on here and talking with the guy at TS, the feed I have been giving isn't the best to give ( I switched to a lower grade feed for the summer since they had so much pasture and all, seems that wasnt' such a good idea) although they have kept their weight on well (some are getting too heavy lol) I can see in their coat and hoofs, that they are lacking something) I was hoping to eliminate the hassle of adding certian things in one's feed and another thing in the next one's feed,,,,) But the purina strategy doesn't have anything specifiacally for joints, (but maybe their overall condition will improve anyway with just a higher quality feed,) I will just keep adding the MSM until I run out of purina, and if nothing improves try out the other brand. Thanks for all your replies and opinions!!!

luvs2ride1979 09-18-2010 07:28 PM

My TSC doesn't carry Triple Crown either. I don't have any good brands of feeds near me, so I make my own "Feed." I use Alfalfa pellets, flax meal, and an overall vitamin/mineral supplement. Making my own mix allows me to more closely regulate my horses' calorie intake while ensuring they're getting proper nutrition and fat. The best off the shelf vitamin/mineral that I have found was GrandVite. SmartPak's SmartVite is a good line. has some good all-around vitamins as does Uckele Equine.

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