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Jr_lover 02-29-2008 10:13 PM

Weird relationships....(confused)
ok well i basically am kinda confused at the moment. So i had a bf a week ago and i recently broke up with him(bf's name is Chinedue). So yea the only way that i met him was because i knew a guy at the table he sits at and recently have been talking and sitting with that guy at that table(guy's name is Tyrone). There i met Chinedue and went out with him and am at the moment angry with him because of other things. I don't really want to go into details at the moment :roll: .

Well right now i'm talking to another guy at the table that i really paid no attention to and its kinda weird because i think i'm falling for him. Like he definitely isn't cute but he has a nice character about him. Then Tyrone is sending me mixed signals were i think he possibly likes me i'm not even sure but he sure does flirt with me alot. So yea me and this other guy traded numbers and i have his myspace and we were talking and i just don't know i think i like him i'm not sure.

I really don't know what to do though because i don't want to get into a whole rumble with the guys thing. Like going out with another guy's friend is that wrong? Also i'm not even sure this guy likes me.

He talks to me alot now,says hi whenever he see's me, when i looked mad/upset he kept asking me what was wrong and if i wanted to talk about it, and when he was talking to me on myspace he asked if i was doing anything over the weekend i told him no and asked why and he said just wondering.......

That just made me think maybe he likes me. What do you think? Can anybody help me on what to do?

appylover31803 02-29-2008 10:42 PM

i would let him make the first move. If he does like you, he'll come after you. Sometimes guys are intimated by girls that go after them. (its happened to me so i'm talking from experience)
I think it would also be good to be into him one day, and the next be sort of aloof. It will keep him interested.

I have never gone out with a guy and then out with his friend, but i have had friends go out with my ex. And i didn't have a problem with it, other girls do.

But you cannot help who you like, or who likes you. Maybe Tyrone will talk to Chinedue and get his feel for going out with you. Maybe Tyrone won't pursue anything with you because he's tight with his friend. But i cannot really say anything because i don't know either of them.

Feel it out for a couple of days or something and see if he calls you, wants to hang out. Always let the guy make the first move (to hang out or call) because then you know he's interested.

I hope this helps.

mlkarel2010 03-01-2008 10:41 PM

Ok, I'm going to apologize right now that this won't help a whole lot, but I tried. Dating your ex's friend is iffy. It kinda depends on the guy.... all the guys I know that have had this happen to them get really pissed at first w/ their friend, but then they get over it....

it sounds complicated btwn you and the three guys.... and you all sit at the same table?? that's crazy!! I would say that Tyrone likes you..... especially because of how he asked if you were doing anything this weekend..... typical guy sign.....

I'm mildly confused though... do you like Tyrone at all or what? like would you date him?

then on the other guy, I'd just give that some time and a little bit of flirting and leading him in..... :wink:

Jr_lover 03-01-2008 10:46 PM

lol i guess i like him but i have known Tyrone for so long its kinda strange. And the other guy i think we are just talking for now.

mlkarel2010 03-01-2008 10:51 PM

i know that feeling...... hmm, I can't help much more, but I will give you this advice

DON'T try to get your friends to try to get him to ask you out..... maybe if they do it very subtly but normally this is a bad idea......

my friends did this to me and my current bf almost didn't ask me out because he got mad because everyone was pressuring him.....and then another guy who we wanted to ask my friend out did the exact same thing and said he wasn't going to because of all the people telling him to ask her out....

that's just what i've learned :P

Jr_lover 03-01-2008 10:56 PM

lol i usually tend to not tell people anymore because i found word spreads fast and the guy knows before you get to talk to him.

mlkarel2010 03-01-2008 11:02 PM

yeah, ugh, I hate it when that happens!! :evil:

Jr_lover 03-01-2008 11:25 PM

yea its always annoying because its usually the person that says i wont tell i promise that tells :roll:

mlkarel2010 03-01-2008 11:28 PM

uh huh.... i know that..... told ONE person something.... the next PERIOD everyone knew... :x not telling them anything anymore

Jr_lover 03-01-2008 11:30 PM

yep yep but thats how you find out who your true friends are...

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