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Amlalriiee 09-16-2010 10:36 PM

I'm going to post some riding stuff for critique eventually, so I thought I'd make a general thread for me to post all my critiques in, that way I don't create a million threads. :)

These are the best confo pics I could get. She was more worried about posing than being in position for conformation. Have at it!

a lovely view to start with...
Bad angle on some of these, I know...but it's not like she's a broodmare or anything so critique isn't important, it's more just out of curiosity. If you look close enough I know her feet were bad, but they got done yesterday.

Amlalriiee 09-17-2010 08:36 PM

*bump* would like to hear what I might see if I wasn't biased! I know she's chubby though :)

Amlalriiee 09-21-2010 09:29 PM


RogueMare 09-22-2010 10:24 AM

bump bump? lol jk. She's got some amazing color. And great legs, I think if you work on her topline a little bit she'll be stunning. :) Do lots and lots of stretching at a trot in the saddle and you'll be ace in no time.

Amlalriiee 09-23-2010 08:25 PM

haha...yes many bumps...took a long time to get a response! Thank you, I've only had her a few weeks so she's just starting to re-learn what it's like to be a useful pony! I'll definitely keep that advice in mind though :)

Amlalriiee 12-20-2010 11:09 PM

Adding to this thread finally, although these are not me on Mac, they are pics of me on other horses...just thought I'd try to get a basic critique from some older pictures since I won't be able to get video of me riding until spring...and I need to know what to focus on until then! I know these pictures are terrible for critique, but it's what I've got. I tried hard to find side shots.

What I see: sometimes I am pitching forward, my elbows are pushed out and away from my sides too much, and my hands are dropping...although I THINK that's only something I do on the trail. Anyway, please be harsh...don't critique my ATTIRE though, just my position, I'm fully aware that I ride in sneakers and that some people don't like it!
And, yes, I'm pulling something in the first picture., I apologize for the lack of anything to work with here...just hoping for somebody to notice something! I really have never had anyone take pictures while I ride so these are random snaps people have got on trail rides, and some competitive trail ride pictures mixed together. Thanks in advance for anyone who does tackle this critique!

Amlalriiee 12-20-2010 11:13 PM

hmmmm looking at these I actually don't see myself tipping forward, so that might be something that I've picked up more recently than I thought. I've gone too long without a lesson!

Amlalriiee 12-21-2010 04:55 PM

I think I've named this thread poorly. It's the only one that never gets critiqued...

tinyliny 12-22-2010 09:12 PM

Pretty gray horse
Here's what I see of the grey mare.

Overall, she is really nice horse, having inherited the best of each breed she carries. Of course, her color is amazing! Isn't she what they call a "blue"? Hopefully, she won't go white as many gray Arabs do.

Her back is long, but then her neck is of a length to balance it. Shoulder angle is good and neck attaches into the back very nicely. One thing I noticed about this mare is that her neck muscle development is even, (upper and lower muscles both nicely developed,) as opposed to a lot of horses that show over development of the under muscle. She also has decent muscling just in front of the wither, indicating that she lifts her neck from the base and carries her own head, instead of leaning on the rein or giraffing it.

Some posters commented that she needs more topline muscling and that may be true, but many Arabs don't have the kind of obvious "ropy" muscling that Qh's do. She may actually be in good shape but not show it. At least she isn't fat.

She has very good bone all around except that her head is the tinitest bit large to be at maximum balance for the body. Really domed forehead, could indicate a complicated personality, though her eyes say "kind".

Her front , right foot is turned in a little and you can see the the hoof growth is not centered around the axis of the leg. Very , very minor.
The rear legs look good. One little thing is that although she has good bone in her hock, the top of the hock itself has a hint of thickness, almost puffiness to it. Honestly, I am not certain of this point, but I remember an Arab mare I rode for 2 and ahalf years and she had the same kind of hock and began having arthritic trouble at 20. But , seriously, most horses do at 20!

Her hooves are really nice, sit square and are nice pancakey types.
Her rear legs are the tinist bit posty, and that is the qh showing through.

Overall, I would so totally put her in my trailer and take her home!

tinyliny 12-22-2010 09:28 PM

and now for the Rider!

The photos don't give a lot to got by, just as you said, and it's hard to see through the heavy jacket. But here's what I see':

Your postions is really very good, very upright and over your center of balance and down through your legs in a good classical seat. It looks like you are riding in a treeless saddle, no? These can be good for teaching a classical postion. sometimes folks end up rolling too far onto their pubic area, but you seem to be correctly aligned all around.
I did see that your shoulders are rolled forward the tiniest amount (I have to have something negative to say, don't I?) The roll of your shoulder causes your neck to also have the corresceponding curve the other direction ( imagine an "S" curve, facing to the right) So, you need to roll your shoulder back a little and "lift" the back of your neck up and back so that you imagine it touching the back of your collar. They used to put stiff collars on young riders at the Spanish School and tell them to try and put the back of their neck against the inside of the stiff color. Helps to keep the head stacked over the torso.
Mind you, this is minor.
Here's an excersize to help you keep your shoulders rotated out and back.;

Sit on your horse when he's quiet. Let your arms hang down by your sides just where they will . Now, without allowing anything else to move, rotate at your writsts such that your palms face Forward and even Outward. You will feel your rotator cuff "roll" at the shoulder joint. Freeze into that postion, Now, without changing the shoulder or upper arm, bring your hands up into "holding the reins ' position. Feel this , how it feels in your shoulder. You will have a little "pull" along the front of the clavicle bone. Your chest will rise and open up breathing space.

Keep your arm tucked securely agains your side. Think of keeping a hundred dollar bill inside your armpit against the side of your body.

That's it for me. hope you have fun with that!

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