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Angel_Leaguer 09-17-2010 09:25 AM

anti social???
About two weeks ago I moved my 7-year old mare to a new barn. At the new barn she is pastured with a yearling gelding, two-year-old mare, and a 3-year-old gelding in about a 4 acre pasture with a lean-to shelter and a decent sized shed shelter. My mare just doesnít seem to be social any more like she was at the last place. She is the boss in this pen but she doesnít run after everybody instead she will typically stand in the corner and pin her ears back and act like she is going to bite the others if they come nearÖ she has been grazing by herself and doesnít tolerate any horse play from the others.

At the last place April was turned out by herself and shared fence lines with two minis and paint mare. She was usually pretty perky and met me with a low snicker. Now she just kind of stands around in the shelters (doesnít meet be at the gate) and I can put a halter on her with no problem but she seems almost mad/depressed about the move. She is being very well taken care of and hasnít lost any form of appetite and she is riding well- but she is just so much quieter and different (not that quiet is a bad thing but it is just weird for me).

Do you think she is just in an adjustment time and will get into the swing of things and be more social again? I donít like having to move them around to different places because I always feel bad about having them relearn a new system but I didnít have a choice in the matter. If only I could get into her head-

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