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rockydq 03-01-2008 12:07 AM

2004 Paint Mare
I was wondering if you could critique this paint mare. Shes a soon to be 4 year old registered with the APHA(nothing decent on the papers). Picked her up in the fall for $650 at the sale as an unhandled 3 year old and plan on reselling her once she has some more riding. What do you think? The pic riding was of her first ride.

free_sprtd 03-01-2008 01:14 AM

well i love her color!! very pretty thing, and she has a lovely face.

i think the obvious confo critique is that she's pretty camped under in the rear. that's all i have to say are the obvious ones, i dont critique much :)

but i did have to say that i LOVE her coloring

rockydq 03-01-2008 01:39 AM

Thank you! She is camped under, and it appears more exaggerated in the last pic as she was being asked to back.

free_sprtd 03-01-2008 02:12 AM

oh ok, i can see that! very pretty though :) especially if she is a good ride (once worked with) then you got her for a good deal.

appylover31803 03-01-2008 10:56 AM

she's really eye catching. Other than her being camped under, i don't see any other faults.

brittx6x6 03-01-2008 11:03 AM

I like her color and she has a really pretty face :D

.Delete. 03-01-2008 11:28 AM

She looks like she would be a choppy mover. She is all squished together. Something about her neck just bugs the heck out of me.

But i like her eyes

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