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Crossover 09-18-2010 07:09 PM

Retaining foal contract
Does anyone have experiance or know where I could find a contract for retaining foal?

I am selling my mare in foal and have offered to lower her price if I retain the foal. This will be a nice foal so I have no problems keeping it. Now she is approx 90 days along (will do 2nd ultrasound soon), so what would be the best situation. The people interested want to use her for breeding also, though they said they would wait till the 2012 year to get an earlier foal (she's due may/june '11).

Do I keep the mare until weaning (approx foal 4months old), which the buyers seemed to be leaning towards? Would I then consider this a mare care breeding lease or do I charge a boarding fee? I would of course figure the prenatal care, shots, vet charges my expense. Would the breeding lease cover the mare if something happened that resulted in injury or death? Are there any other situations I'm not taking into consideration right now?

If it worked perfectly, I'd have my foal and they'd have a nice mare, but I know life doesn't work out that way. I had a bad experiance leasing out my own mare, had a contract but unfortunatly didn't cover a situation I hadn't even considered. Ended up paying just to get my mare back. Could of persued through courts, but this was a favorite mare and I was afraid of vindictive action. Lesson learned there, would not like to learn anymore so I want to cover all bases.

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